Forum challenges revisited?

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Forum challenges revisited?

I just wanted to say that you ladies who planned the SLM challenges this year really outdid yourselves! It was such a fun variety, and I'm honestly disappointed that I didn't have the time to do more of them. Any chance that some of them will be making reappearances in future months?

What were your favorites?

Out of the ones I had time to get to, I thought the Just Paper was a really fun challenge that I hadn't seen before. I also liked the Redo. I didn't have a chance to do the screenshot, though I had an idea for it, just not time to get stuff off of our Nintendo. So I wouldn't mind seeing any of those again!

I loved them all. It gave me so much inspiration and it took me out of my usual box smiley

I missed the favorite movie one. That would be a good one to revisit.

So sweet of you, Becky. Thank you. smiley