Forum Guidelines: READ before posting!

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Forum Guidelines: READ before posting!

Welcome to the forums: we're glad to have you here!

Just a few quick guidelines, BEFORE YOU POST:

1. Read our profile expectations and follow them through.

2. Introduce yourself by replying in the Introduce Yourself thread before posting anywhere else: we want to know who you are!

3. Read through the front page of forum posts (at least) to make sure that no one has already started the topic you are interested in. In general, it's a good idea to spend some time reading in the forums before posting your first new topic.
eta (by Shawna 070714): Per Jordan's instruction until he gets the "search forums" feature worked out. Please go to Google and type in + the main word of what you are looking for assistance on, before starting a new thread. There are many new threads being started when there are thorough discussions already posted. smiley Thanks for your understanding and help with this.

4. Please post in the correct forum. We like to keep our discussions organized and on-topic. So please don't post a support request in the general discussion forum, or vice versa.

5. Please use descriptive post titles and avoid using ALL CAPS.

6. Please do not FLOOD the forums with tons of posts within a short time. Try to comment appropriately and constructively.

Posts that do not honor these guidelines may be removed. Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks for these guidelines, Marisa.

thank you for this.. it will help me learn even more on kits

Good advice, thanks for making the guidelines clear.

This is great. So happy to see a forum search on the way!!

Thanks for the guidelines

Got it! Thanks for having clear guidelines!

Information received.... and thank you

Thank you for these guidelines

thank you