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FREE CU Fonts Site - Fonts published under OFL

While poking around for commercial-use free fonts, I found this site: Gluk Fonts. The artist has some pretty interesting fonts, and they're virtually all published under the OpenFontLicense. Thought y'all might want to know, 'cause ya know... there's NO SUCH THING as "too many" fonts! smiley

Edit: haha. It was broken cause I tried to link a picture instead of a site! Bravo! Now I can cross "daily blonde moment" off my to-do list for today! LOL!!! smiley

smiley The link is broken Mollie. Could you try again? I can't retrieve the link for you, since it only shows a broken pic.

Melo it works for me. Thanks Molly, cause your are right, no such thing, lol!

Awesome. Thanks!!!

OMG I HAVE to stop reading these font posts! There's always more enticing ones that I have to have. I'll have to rewrite War and Peace to use all the ones I"ve collected.

Thanks Mollie! I have his Foglihten no.7 one and love it! Can't wait to check out the others smiley

Thanks Mollie smiley

Thankf for fixing the link and sharing, Mollie! Lovely fonts!

Here's a question .... how do you store all the fonts? .... do you keep them in a seperate file on the hard drive to pick and install when you need them or do you install them all at once .... and how do you know what they look like before you install them ... unless you open them there is no way to tell

I keep two main folders: CU OK, and PU-Only. Then I might divide them up into sub folders by designers from there.
I keep all my fonts in folders and only install them as I use them (usually I leave them installed, but I may change this later). The icon for most of my fonts show a preview of the font automatically, so I go with that. Sometimes, I open up the font file to have a better look.
In the future, I might make an image displaying an example of the font so I can reference it easier... but that's down the road. My priority right now is sorting my PixelScrapper downloads! LOL. smiley

Thank you for sharing, will go and have a look see.
I tend not to install fonts, instead I keep them sorted in a Font folder
on my thumb drive. When I need to use one, I open the folder in
AMP Font Viewer

Thanks Mollie! I love fonts. Only I have way too many - I need to "clean house" so to speak & stop downloading so many. Sometimes what takes me so long is it's so hard to choose!

Thank you! I love fonts! I sometimes have a hard time figuring out if a font is ok for commercial use or not smiley

@Lizanne: Welcome Back!!! Long time no see... hope things are slowing down a little and your are getting in some scrap/down time during the summer. I've missed seeing you in the forums. smiley

Thank you Mollie,

I agree, for the most part, that you can never have too many fonts...except when you have so many that it makes it difficult to choose the 'right one' to go with your current project. smiley

@Shawna: Oh, thanks! smiley It's been a bit crazy here, between school being out (last day of school for my youngest was June 6th) & my back/health issues... Had another one of those "flare ups" again that set me back a while -- mainly because the pool, where I do my aqua p/t, closed down for 3 weeks. smiley My body didn't like it & my muscles started revolting - bunching up & spasming again (fun, fun, fun - NOT). Anyhow, that meant limited computer time. I did miss coming here & socializing with you all. smiley

@Lizanne: I hope now that the pools back open you get to feeling better real soon. {{{huugggs}}}

Me, too... And thanks! smiley

I think you would all like Kingthings fonts. I contacted him a few years ago about using his fonts commercially, and he said that was fine. I've got the email somewhere. He has a lot of original fonts. And they're free.

Knowing I'm a fontaholic, I had to have a program that would allow me to view, load and unload, install and uninstall fonts. I found X-Fonter that lets me do all that and even has an image and effect studio. When I want to search for a font to use, I open the program and search for it. I keep my uninstalled fonts in folders, usually by type. When I open the folder in X-Fonter, the fonts in that folder are then available in the program I'm using (usually PSP or Serif Draw). You know that you don't have to install a font to use it. At least in Vista (yes, my PC is old), just opening the font in a viewer makes it available. Double clicking on a font file will open it with the windows font viewer.

Yes, Kingthings has some great fonts, too! I found him the other day while poking around.

Oh dear.... just what every fontaholic needs hehehe Thank you for supporting my addiction!

Haha, I hadn't seen Kingthings fonts yet, there are some wacky fonts there, love the crazy sheep (said the woman who created the nerdherd - I seem to have a thing for sheep... and fonts)

Thanks Linda!!! I downloaded about 10 of them myself. smiley I need more fonts like I need a hole in the head! hahaha

@Susan Cantin ... I'm using Suitcase Fusion and have for a while now. You can install and uninstall "folders" of fonts. So I tend to keep mine by type ie handwriting - Scrawl; Handwriting - Print ; Stamp & Label... but then also have a folder for my favourites and like Mollie, keep the CU ones in their own group (just in case!)!

I use kingthings fonts a lot too smiley

Thank you. You can never have too many fonts!

Ladies thanks for sharing your resources.

Here is a font site I discovered today ... not for scrapbooking although there may be one there for Halloween but great for any digital design you may do

Thank you

Font hording is fun. LOL

Oh my, 3 new sites full of fonts?!?! Be still, my heart!