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This week, I released a script that will turn any vector shape into a lightbulb, complete with hightlights and filaments.

As a sampler, I created a set of digits with basic colors. Each digit is in PNG format and has some transparency.

Grab those digits on the blog.

The newest theme on the Campus blog is Christmas. It might not be super original but you can check some interesting layouts on that theme.

As a freebie for that theme, I created 26 cookies in the shape of letters so you can leave some cookies to Santa while writing someone's name (or your wishlist to Santa)

Grab those cookies on the blog (scroll to the bottom).

Thank you, Carole smiley

This week, I have another script to make Christmas balls with an additional 15 new designs.

For a sampler, I created half-a-dozen red Christmas balls that can be used to decorate your scrapbook pages or your greeting cards.

And you can grab this set on the blog.

The newest product in the store is a set of 12 picture tubes to let you draw tinsel wherever you want, in any of the 12 colors.

I made a greeting sign that you can use as is, or separate the layers (as they are unmerged).

You can grab it on the blog.

To conclude the year 2023, here is a template for a year-in-review.

Available on the blog.

The newest script creates a set of 53 cards/overlays (however you want to call them) using your choice of font, colors, and text.

I made a set of 53 cards/overlays for the year 2023. They are available as a single .pspimage file, but layered and labelled.

You can get it on the blog.

For the new month, in the Campus blog, the theme is FITNESS and as a sampler, I am offering some png motivational stamps. They can be recolored or modified.

You can get those on the blog.

Wow, great freebies, Cassel, thanks!

This week, the script will create all the pieces for you to write any text, in any font, in one of 6 materials and if you want, it will also generate a board (with up to 6 rows) that will be perfectly sized for your pieces (since they can vary based on the font).

I created a full alphabet made of metal and a simple board where you can write a word or short phrase.

You can grab the alphabet and the board on the blog.

What will you write with it?

Wow Carole,

thank you. smiley
I like your lead letters because my husband was a typesetter and learned to set them by hand. We have a real typesetting box like this at home.
Please put me in the draw, I'm already registered.

My Typesetter-Scrap

There is also a font that looks similar:

Doska, do you have a FB account? If not, I'll add your name manually.
Here is where to add your name if you can.

Hi Carole,

I haven't been on FB since 2013 and don't want to go there anymore. It would be nice if you added my name by hand, thank you very much. smiley

This week, I coded a script that is a follow-up from a previous one. The script will create a painted frame around any photo, element, or selection. You get 4 choices of shapes, and you choose what colors you want.

I created two samples in pspimage format (so the layers are left unmerged and could be colorized differently).

And you can grab those frames on the blog.

My newest script will turn any section of a photo into a pencil sketch drawing, along with scribbles and random technical drawings.

I created two journaling cards with flower images and added a frame around them.

And you can grab them on the blog HERE. They are jpg format so you can use them with any graphic program.

This week, I added another BOW script. Who can say they have too many bows in their stash? This script will take a straight ribbon and turn it into a slightly droopy bow.

Since it is February, I figured that one might have some Valentine's Day projects, so I created 3 bows for the occasion. I used some ribbons from here, changed the color and ran the script. Each bow is in PNG format, so they can be used with any graphic programs.

You can grab those bows on the blog.

In February, the theme in the Campus blog is WEDDING. Check out the various layouts available for inspiration.

In addition, the monthly freebie is a set of heart-shaped masks. They are in jpg format so they could be used in most programs.

Check out this blog post and the freebie.

And finally, another freebie for February. A decorated heart frame made using the Pencil Sketch 2 script. The frame is in black and white, so you can add colors as you wish, either by replacing the current black, or by blending in some colors for a fun effect.

You can grab it on the blog.

This week, I created a set of 10 brushes to be used as punches with the Eraser tool in PSP.

For a sampler, I made three bookmarks using the same punch. One has a heart punched out, one has nothing at the end, and one has plenty of space between the punches to write a title.

These are in PNG format so they can be used in just about any program.
Grab them in the store blog.

This week, I released a set of picture tubes to create two-tone shell design piping icing.

For a sampler, I made two PNG frames of chocolate icing:

You can grab them on the blog.

This week, I released a script that will create a custom template with a single shape repeated up to 16 times, and overlapping each other.

For a sample, I created a layered template with 8 circles. It is only in .pspimage format though.

You can grab it on the blog.