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If you like templates, I have a free one for PSP users.

And you can download it HERE.

And this week, I coded a script that generates beautiful beads with delicate designs. Each bead is using two colors from your own choice of color palette. I ran the script and created 15 beads with a greens/blues color palette. Aren't they adorable?

You can get them HERE.

Is the bead script for Corel Paint Shop Pro? Absolutely love it, great work!

Yes, Christina, all my scripts (and other products) are for Corel PaintShop Pro.

Awesome, thanks! Just wanted to make sure before I downloaded it.

@Christina, the freebies are png files. The script is to be purchased in the store (and you can browse for hundreds of other products just for PSP).

This week, the freebie is a set of nested frames for a 7x5 inch photo.
The script itself would generate nested frames from your choice of where to start, how many frames, how thick and what color (and you can have the frames oval too)

And you can be creative with the "flat" frames.
Get this set on the blog.

I created a script to turn any text with any font into individual balloons. I made a sample to create a full alphabet for you to have fun with:

You can grab this alphabet on the blog.

Who doesn't like glitters in scrapbooking? I created a script that will generate a full page of glitters (not just a tile) that will avoid seams or repeats. It can create glitters from a solid color, a gradient or a pattern.

I made a golden glitter page and created an alpha from it (the full page is also included):

You can get this alphabet on the blog.

Picture tubes are specific to PaintShop Pro, and they are quite interesting. This week, I created a set of picture tubes that can be used to create full-height hedges or individual greenery elements for smaller decorative elements. I created a lattice frame and embellished it with some of those greenery elements.

Grab this frame on the blog (it is in png format, so you can use it even if you don't have PSP).

If you like the idea of making a lot of buttons to match your color palette, this script will do that.
I used a simple color palette, and generated a bunch of buttons. I made a frame with those buttons, but you also get the individual buttons.

You can grab them HERE.

Every renovation project can be turned into a scrapbook layout.
With the script, you would get one of the 6 carpet textures applied to any shape.
You can get these digits for free.

And you can download them HERE.

Adding a date, or a location or any other specific detail can be done using the Datestamps #10 script.
As a sample, I made Datestamps with the 12 months, so they can be used on any project (you just have to add the year, if you want)

You can grab them HERE

Seamless patterns are always sought after when creating papers.
This script creates random shapes that can be used in many ways.
As a sample, I am sharing 3 of the shapes.

You can grab them HERE.

This week, the script will create "random" fancy frame shapes in vector format. This allows the user to save them as Preset shapes, or use other scripts to create more effects, like adding picture tubes along the path.
One of those shape was used to apply a rope picture tube and this was turned into a frame.

You can grab it HERE.

Although the script released that week was something to turn your photo into a pencil sketch, the freebie is slightly different (since I can't sample your photo). So I created a simple artsy template for you to showcase your favorite photo:

And you can grab it on the blog

This script will allow you to display any number of photos in even height so it will make for a fun display. You can add more space to include a quote if you want.
The free sample is a template to let you display seven photos:

You can grab it here

This script will turn any shape into a tangled mess of threads. You can choose to have monochrome threads or individually colored threads. This is perfect to embellish a project with a sewing, knitting or crafting theme (or a kids theme!)
The freebie is a full alphabet of tangled threads in primary colors so it would also be great for back to school projects.

You can grab it on the blog

Thank you, Carole! These are all really excellent scripts. I bought the Tangled Thread script last night. Loving it so far with what I tested it out on. It'll come in handy.

This script will create a cutout outline on any shape, and it can replicate the effect that traditional paper scrapbookers would get using a cutting machine. For a free sample, I ran it on various summer-themed elements.

They are available on the blog.

The featured freebie for August is a set of templates to give you some torn edges. You get a series of different sizes so you should be able to find one to suit your photo.

It is available on this page

Thank you, Carole! I discovered that I have a disc copy of Paint Shop Pro!
I have now loaded it, but I haven't tried to use it yet.
Any pointers you have for a beginner with the software?!?

What version do you have?
I have a series of tutorials for beginners here:
Those same tutorials (plus freebies) are also part of my Scrap Bootcamp. The next cohort will be in September, but you can put your name on the waitlist:

But if you want to join the Campus, it is the perfect time as many activities are in the making for the 10th anniversary of the site, in September! So things will be buzzing!

Hi Carole

it's very pity, only in pspimage. These thin Thorn edges frames I was looking for a few days ago. But I would need them in png or psd format for my Photo Impactversion X3.

I have Corel Paint Shop Pro 9.
I'll look into this.

Doska, I could convert them to PSD if you want. PSP can do that. Send me a message.

If you like to use scallops for your papers, you will enjoy these seamless tiles. Four are monochrome and in pastel colors, and one is in bright colors. Perfect for baby projects or back-to-school themes.

Grab them on the blog

Love these patterns; thank you!

And here are more beads for you. They do match the previous set as I used the same color palette. These beads are more oval than the previous set and the designs on them are also different.

You can download them on the blog

Here is another fun script to turn any shape into CHEESE!!
The freebie consists in a set of cheez-y digits.

You can download them HERE.

Fun fact: these cheese slices match the Hamburger digits you can get HERE too.

Maybe I should be buns in the same shape?