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I have coded a script that will create slats/sections on a photo based on YOUR selection of "focussed areas" (so it won't cut off Aunt Lucy's face).

As a sampler, I create a template with evenly spaced sections for you to replace either by a single image, or multiple ones.

You can get it HERE

If you have kids or grandkids and want to date their school-years, this set of datestamps based on school grades will be useful. They are in greyscale so you can colorize them as needed.

Grab them HERE

Easter is almost there, so you can create your own decorated eggs (no mess) with any color palette you want with this script.

As a sampler, I created a dozen eggs that you can use for your Easter decorations, layouts, tags, etc.

Grab them on the blog

Nobody has too many ribbons and bows for their layouts or kits. This script will create a triple-layered bow. If you don't use your own straight ribbon, the script will create a delicate organza ribbon for you that you can even use separately.

As a sampler, I created 3 ribbons and bows in basic colors and created one bow with a combination of the other three bows (since all the layers are left unmerged, they are easy to tweak).

Grab them HERE

Placing photos in a perfect circle is a tedious task. Making sure the sizing and the spacing is correct, is an added headache. This script will use as many photos as you want, do all the math for you, resize, rotate and space them all on a single layout.

I created a sample template with 8 photo spots (the script allows way more if needed).

Grab it on the blog

I created a script that will generate a brick pattern using any paper you want. A great way to create a matching paper for your own kit, or your projects.

As a free sampler, I created one brick pattern in greyscale that you can recolor as needed.

You can download it on the blog.

This last script will take any number of photos, and hang them on as many lines you want, taking care of all the resizing, rotating, and placing in the correct location. Everything with a touch of randomness so you will always get a slightly different result with each run.

As a sampler, I turned one end project into a layered template for 15 photos.

Get this template on the blog.

Thank you, Carole, for all your many gifts! smiley

Lisel, show off what you do with those freebies! smiley

This week, I added some picture tubes in the store. With the dragging of your cursor, you can add climbing vines on any background.

As a freebie, I created a wooden lattice frame, and left a few vines climbing on it.

You can get it in the blog.

This week, the newest product is a stitching font, so it is NOT specific to PSP, as it can be used in any program that can use outside fonts. It is a two-layered font, so you can have different colors for different parts of the stitching.

For a sample, I created an embroidered frame.

You can grab it on the blog.

The latest product in the store is a set of picture tubes that will create a "braided ribbon" any length you want, in any shape you want.

As a sampler, I created this simple oval frame using one of the tube and an additional ribbon bow.

You can download it on the blog