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This week, I released a set of punches for PSP. Unlike previous punches that were meant to be used on edges and corners, these ones will let you create cutouts in the middle of paper pieces.

The samplers are two "bookmarks" that can be cut with a cutting machine, or used as a decorative element in a digital project. They are in greyscale so you can color them however you want.

Get those on the blog

The September featured freebie is a layered template showcasing a mask of several individual frames. Perfect to showcase a panoramic photo.

Get it on the blog.

The newest theme in the Campus is COFFEE. You can check out various layouts around this theme to inspire you and then, at the bottom, you can request these six preset shapes for PaintShop Pro.

Get it on this blog post.

This week, I created a script that ends up being the third in a series of Quick Tiles. It will generate up to 25 tiles from a single image you provide.

I had created samplers for the first two scripts, using the same image as the starting point. For this third script, I also used the same starting image, so that the 10 seamless tiles will also match the ones from the previous two samplers.

Get this sampler on the blog.
And if you want the previous samplers too, they are for the Quick Tiles and Quick Tile 2

Thank you!

This week, I coded a script that will create random shapes for bows to be made with picture tubes. This gives so much flexibility for your next project.

I made three bows from metallic picture tubes. Notice how they are all slightly different in shape.

You can get those bows (they are in png format) on the blog.

The newest script in the store will turn any shape into a pretzel, with different flavors and different seasonings.

I created a whole alphabet with salty pretzels. All the characters are in PNG format, and about 1000 pixels high.

You can grab this alphabet on the blog.

This week, I have released a script that will add an inked edge around any element, photo, or shape, in the color and thickness selected by the user.

I created a full alphabet in orange with brown inked edges all over.

You can get this alphabet on the blog.

This week, I released a script that simulates some cracked paint texture on a wooden base, for any photo, design, or drawing.

I created an alphabet with Halloween colors. It includes all the uppercase and the digits.

You can grab it on the blog.

In October, the theme of the blog is Halloween (not surprising, right?). As a freebie, I have some translucent ghost picture tubes. They only work in PaintShop Pro.

You can get them at the bottom of this blog post.

This week, instead of a script or a picture tube, I created a decorative stitching FONT. This can be used by any graphic programs that can use outside fonts.

The freebie is a stitched frame in greyscale so you can colorize it to suit your project.

You can download it on the blog.

Hi Carole,

I would be interested to see your beautiful and useful stitches. Can I access the freebie using my campus login or do I need to register again? However, I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be there anymore.

HI Doska. The Campus, the store, and the store blog are three different platforms so you have to have a new login for each one. I know it is annoying but I have not found a successful way to combine them.

Once you have an account on the store blog (where I have those freebies), you will be able to download all the other freebies too. Most of them are in a format that can be used by most graphic programs.

As for Facebook, I use it for the random draw. If you don't have an account, you can always email me and let me know you want to be entered and I then add your "entry" to the FB thread so your name is still in the draw.

Hi Carole,

Thanks for the info. Since I now seriously want to learn PSP and have bought the program, I would of course also like to have suitable material for it. I will then log in to the shop blog again. I'm still waiting to hear about FB, I'll first have to read up on campus what's normal.

You have already met a few other scrappers in our forum. Tomorrow, you will start with the Bootcamp which will be very helpful in getting started with PSP. And during the Bootcamp, I also point to various resources, and you already know about this site!!! As for PSP-specific resources, you will find out that many Photoshop supplies can be used in PSP (isn't that cool?) and then, the store offers more (scripts and picture tubes).

Ok I am looking forward to tomorrow. Because of the time difference, does it matter or do I just get unlocked into the course and can get started no matter what time it is?

Each lesson is recorded so it does not matter when you watch them. In fact, even if you are unable to watch one lesson on a given day, you will have time to catch up over the duration of the bootcamp.

For your Halloween projects, I coded a script that will generate a unique broomstick with your choice of options and colors.

I created seven broomsticks in different colors AND with different witch-y names!

You can grab those broomsticks (and fly away) on the blog.

The latest script will create a triangle pattern with the color or color combination of the user's choice.

Using the script, I created two papers with Halloween colors and cut them out to make some bookmarks that I then decorated.

You can print them and cut them out if you want. Grab them on the blog.

This week, I released a script that will create a mask from repeated copies of any text you want, with additional ways to customize the end result.

As a sampler, I created a mask group showcasing the word Family.

You can get it on the blog.

For November, our featured freebie is a set of poppies picture tubes. Use them to make frames, write words or just add a few here or there.

Get those on the blog.

In November, the theme in the Campus blog is FAST FOOD. For that, I created a custom alphabet out of french fries.

Grab it on this page, but also take the opportunity to check the featured layouts for that theme.

This week, I coded a script to create a simple bow (another one) from any straight ribbon.

For samplers, I used a fall-color palette. The freebie includes the three bows but also the three matching ribbons that I made using some of Marisa's ribbon templates.

You can grab those ribbons on the blog.

These are really cute! Thank you!

Thank you Carole,

should I collect the scripts in a separate folder or unzip them straight into the PSP “Scripts Trusted” folder?

In this thread, I post SAMPLES and those are not scripts. And the samples are typically just png files, occasionally .pspimage files, but none are scripts.

If you purchase scripts, you need to unzip the file and check the README file that will tell you where to save each of the supplies.

Thank you Carole.

I coded a script that will create stacks of any set of characters in any font you want in one of the five wood textures included.

For a sampler, I generated a set of 10 digits using cherry wood.

You can get this stack on the blog.

This week's script can generate up to 12 tiles of petal designs from your choice of up to 8 colors.

I used 8 colors from the November Blog Train palette and generated these 6 petal patterns. They can be used separately or as a fill pattern where you can add any color background.

You can grab them on the blog.