Giving Back To The Pixel Scrapper Community

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Giving Back To The Pixel Scrapper Community

Hello lovely ladies and gents in scrapping land !

I've been a fan of the Pixel Scrapper for quite some time now and downloading all sorts of free goodies such as blog trains, shared freebies, and various graphics, patterns, overlays, etc. Using them as a jumping off point of sorts to come up with my own ideas and creations.

Teaching myself how to use photoshop over the past year or so, I think I've now gotten to the point that I can start showing my stuff without getting too embarrassed at the "rookie" look of my little creations. *snicker snicker*

For the past few months, I've been 'playing along with the blog trains' using the themes and colour palettes to try to make my own little mini kits, testing myself and my photoshop skills along the way.

I'd love to be able to share my latest blog train kit with the community, but I'm not sure if I'm too late to submit it now?

The kit is for the Feb 2018 "Enjoy Each Moment" blog train that just passed... am I too late to share?

I don't have a blog site (possible in the near future) or a Facebook page, but I'm willing to upload my zipped file to one of the hosting sites (probably Box, since it gives you plenty of upload space with no ads). I'm just not sure how I can upload a picture of the mini kit preview here on the forums for people to see before they decide to download it though?

I'd love to be able to give back to the Pixel Scrapper community as a way of saying "Thank You" to everyone who has generously shared their creations and inspiring me to play with digital graphics... you've opened up a whole new world for me !

We're so glad to have you here Brenda! You can learn how to share images here. You can share your Feb contribution here, or in the comments thread if you prefer.

Hi Marissa !

Thanks for the info, muchly appreciated.

Happy to know that it's okay to share some goodies... my apologies for being so late for the blog train, it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Any future blog trains that I might jump in on, I'll be sure to be on time with everyone else !

I'll get everything set up with the image hosting and file hosting sites and then I'll just post the mini kit here in this thread for people to download.

Please let me know if there are any problems downloading the zip file, or if I could do a better job with naming my files or anything else. I'd like to try to follow standard Pixel Scrapper suggestions, tips, and policies to make things easier for everyone who downloads my kit(s).

Thanks !

Feb 2018 blog train "Enjoy Each Moment"

Download HERE

Very nice contribution, Brenda! I love the vintage/shabby look.

Just seeing this, Brenda. Many thanks for your beautiful kit. Can I say something? Pls be done closet designing, the stuff rocks! smiley

I love this style Brenda. It's beautiful!

Love it Brenda!! I agree with Marcy - love that vintage/worn look! Thank you so much for sharing your kit with us! I'm looking forward to using it in the future!

Thanks for all the feedback ladies !

Glad to see that the download is working fine... this is my first time uploading anything to a file storage site and I wasn't really sure what the heck I was doing.

I'm looking forward to jumping in on the blog trains (working on May as we speak), it helps me to challenge myself and try to improve my skillset along the way...

I'm officially addicted !

Beautifully done! smiley

Hi, I just had to say 2 things, 1st- you could hardly tell by looking at your designs that you are a rookie, looks more like a seasoned designers work to me smiley

2nd- you may want to look into an account for google drive too or one other place. I found out the hard way that Box limits how many downloads you have per month and by looking at your designs I believe you will have a LOT of downloads in your future smiley

Welcome to the wonderful world of designing addicts lol

thanks for sharing, Brenda!

Beautiful set Brenda. I agree with the others about joining future bog trains. I unfortunately can't download them but it is due to my computer knowledge as to how to download images from this area.

Hi Nancy,

Below the image (not the image itself) you'll see a download link (highlighted in pink) that takes you to another site called "Box", from there you just click on the blue tab in the center of the webpage that says "download", when you click on that another small window box will pop up that prompts you to "save file" and you just click on the "ok" button.

Your compressed zip file will be saved to whatever folder it is that you normally save your downloaded files from the internet to. From there, then you just need to unzip the compressed file and then you'll have all the individual goodies.

Hope that helps !

Hi Brenda - I did try again but it looks like I don't have the appropriate program and/or app. I have come across this with other downloads in the past and can't seem to get past this.

Hey Nancy ~ her file is a .rar which is just another format of the .zip. However windows and some other zip programs wont recognize the rar file. But you can use 7zip which is a free and widely used program for unzipping files. It can unzip .zip and .rar files. I've even found it can unzip files that windows seems to have trouble unzipping. Hope it helps!

Excellent advice Jessica, thanks.

Yes, 7zip is a great program for unzipping (opening) both .rar and .zip files.

I compress my files using the WinZip program, but I find that it won't unzip a lot of stuff that I've downloaded (sometimes .rar files are a problem, sometimes .zip files are a problem)... so when that happens, then I'll use 7zip to do the job and so far it's worked every single time that windows or winzip have failed to open a file.

Thank you Jessica and Brenda. I'll get my hubby help me with this ....... I am so not a computer techie and want to make sure I do this properly.