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Go to Element?

What element has be your go to element lately in your scrapping?

Mine has been messy threads lately, although I have been drawn to flairs as well lately and using them on more and more pages. Of course I have also been a huge fan of messy paints for as long as I can remember! *L*

What about you?

I love messy stitching, and I've been trying forever to find a good way to replicate it. This is what I've come up with so far, and I'm pretty happy with it. Does it meet your realistic expectations? I find once I look at something I've designed too long I lose all sense of focus.

I'm also always keen on a good layered flower, and I do always have to include leaves too. In fact leaves might really be my #1.

I'm a big fan of clean stitching, which is thankfully easier to replicate. I have a tendency to use stitching to "hold" parts together when I do calendar pages for family.

Oh I love your messy stitches! I may need to snag some! smiley thanks for sharing

I love splatters and balls..... I think they add a perfect touch to everything.