Has the yahoo algorithm changed? I no longer have PS showing up first in my searches

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Has the yahoo algorithm changed? I no longer have PS showing up first in my searches

Yahoo is my home page and I used to just type pixel scrapper into the search box. The PS website was always the first one to show up.

But now I get all the PS designer shops and the facebook pages and nothing from the website itself. I usually end up having to type the web url into the address bar at the top in order to get to the right place.

Does anyone know what happened at yahoo?

And does PS show up first in a search on any other major home page, like google or some where else?



Search engine results can often change depending on several things - browser settings, algorithms, website metadata, your location, your personal browsing habits, all sorts of things. So I have no idea why Yahoo brings up everything but the main PS site when you type it in.

From a bit of experimentation, Google seems to be the only search engine that brings up PS as the first search result. I only tried Yahoo, Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing because they're the only ones I can remember off the top of my head (do any others exist anymore?). Anyway, my Google search did - yours may not, because the internet is weird like that.

In any event, so you don't have to type the address in everytime, most browsers allow you to put bookmarks in the space below your address bar. I keep all of my most visited sites there because I am lazy and can just click right there rather than navigate my bookmark folders.

I use startpage.com and Firefox. While searching DigitalScrapbook.com shows up at first.

But I have a bookmark for Pixelscrapper so there is no need to search for it ... smiley

I also use my bookmarks extensively for most sites I visit frequently, with the bookmark bar at the top of my browser housing the ones I visit the most (including PixelScrapper). Google/Yahoo/etc. search is for things I don't already know the URL to.

Thanks for your replies. I think I will have to switch to the Google search engine to get to PS - because PS does indeed show up first in the Google search.

I have so many bookmarks that it takes me longer to scroll down all my bookmarks (P comes near the END of the alphabet and not near the beginning) than it does for me to type out the name. LOL smiley

Thanks again.

I use Symbaloo for bookmarking/organizing all my favorite sites.. I have a lot of themed tabs and many many websites...

It is sooo easy to use smiley

I use a Dutch version, but here is a link to the explanation in English... maybe the language depends on your country? I don't remember if I had to change something in the set-up..


It is possible it only works with Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (it is a browser extension)


Like Amanda I have my favorite bookmarks in the bookmark bar on top so I don't need to scroll thru all of them.

I also arranged my other bookmarks by myself and most of them in separate folders by themes.