Have you learned anything new lately?

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Have you learned anything new lately?

Has anyone learned a new tip or trick that has really helped them out? Or made any changes to your creative habits?

I just started actually setting up my pocket layouts on my iPad. I've been doing it on my computer, but due to lifestyle changes I don't have the same routine to get it done on my computer and I keep getting behind. Also I never know when it's Saturday, which is the day I used to make my set up. So we'll see how that goes!

I am learning some new things in AI as well as Procreate. I am also learning just how bad theft in the art community is (how bad it is really getting) and how people just really don't care about the legal ramifications of not following copyright and trademark laws - like how just today I read an article where the Arlington Police seized a total of 101,118 individual items worth an estimated $653,222 from a company who was illegally manufacturing and selling items displaying the copyrighted trademark logos for multiple high-end fashion brands. Just how much people are just making art using an AI and sharing it for sale when the pieces look horrible or are using it in news articles. More lawsuits are coming up against a OpenAI and Adobe Stock and at the same time, I am seeing some amazing art pieces coming from people using the AI and combining pieces like they used to with Mixed Media. My friend is using the AI along with her own personal artwork to help her create this really cool affirmation deck. I think it is allowing more people to really express themselves and I know it is helping me with my mental health.

These past few months have been a really fun journey of learning how to create prompts and how to fix the pieces. I am also learning how to use the programs from Topaz so I can get better at Photo restoration. I love doing that kind of work and with these new software what I can do has been a learning curve and a lot of fun. I also got a new computer (an Alienware laptop) and I have been playing around in Photoshop 2023 CC and also the Beta version so I have been trying to understand how to use the AI inside there to easily remove the backgrounds. And seeing how the actions I currently have don't work so well like they did last year. LOL.

I have so much I want to learn that I am looking at taking classes at Udemy to help me. Have you taken any classes from them before? Are you using an app to help you with your pocket layouts.

I have participated in a PSP vector workshop at Cassel's and it was really great for me to pick up the pieces of Corel PSP again. I used to play with it as a kid and then I didn't for a million years it seems. And yeah, all came back relatively soon. I was able to re-activate an ancient Corel account and go from there, dl'ed the PSP trial and had a great time with Carole Cassel's workshop. Then Corel made me such a lovely re-activation offer I couldn't possibly refuse and I did get the new PSP and I think I got a bang including tons of reverb for my buck. The best 20 bucks I have spent in a long time (considering you can spend that on an a single PS action alone or on lunch).
@Megan Scott: I took a class from udemy once, ages ago it seems . It was on urban landscapes and how to paint them in acrylics. It was pretty good! I wonder how Annie Leibovitz felt when a stock house sued her for using her own photos .....

Thanks for sharing what you're up to!

I used to love making signature tags in PSP. All the fun filters we could use. It was a lot of fun. I sometimes miss it but I really want to learn more with Procreate and feel like I never give it enough time. Like I am cheating on it because I like TV...lol. I would love to see what you created in your class.

I tried to find more information about the case you mentioned and all I could find was how she owed like $24 million for breach of contract and how she had to sell one of her properties to help pay off the costs. I would think she would feel horrible about being sued for the use of her own work and would love to learn more about that case. If you have a link, I would love to read up on that. I find law very fascinating and if she can be used can you image what can happen to us with all this new technology.

She explained the difference between vectors and rasters and how to handle nodes and PSP shapes. She showed us how to make, group and export vector shapes in PSP. Then she explained how to trace and manipulate the nodes and make cutout shapes. Then it went on with using the vector lines as paths with text and also using vector tubes with the paths. Carole also explained how to cut out vectors and how to handle them. It was one great workshop.

Wow, it seems I had wrong info on the Leibovitz case.... when I last heard about it, things didn't look so great for the stock house (sorry no link I heard the story from a - then fuming- photographer who was obviously camp Annie) .... fascinating law, as long as we look at cases (not our own) and are not concerned ourselves which we actually are all the time, mostly oblivious that a million regulations apply as soon as we cross the street for example..... One fascinating part about the law might be how quickly it can reverse and things that are fine one day are all the crime the next day..... (licenses (=$) for the drones now) .... smiley Good on Leibovitz tho, that she was able to cover 24M with a single property sale. Must have been in Manhattan ....

Hey Bina, I am glad you enjoyed that PSP workshop!
Stay tuned for more!