How do I change the color of a PNG?

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How do I change the color of a PNG?

Hello everyone! Total newbie here smiley

How do I change the color of something like this lovely Arrow Doodle Shape Mask Template 025

if I don't own Photoshop?

Can I open it in some program and put some digital paper on it?

Appreciate your help!


You can use it as a mask. What program are you using? I mostly use Affinity Designer but I have Affinity Photo as well.
There is a 90 day FREE Trial on both programs HERE

It will depend on what program you're using Leslie.

I have all the Affinity programs.

@Leslie Lynn YAY another Affinity owner! We must talk sometime privately about Affinity lol

I would LOVE to talk Affinity @Deana Davis! I'm trying to learn how to use the programs but not finding many tutorials yet.

Thank you Laura! I will check them out!

I use affinity as well