How do you track your credits for layouts?

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I'm not new and yet it's still overwhelming for me too smiley

Just reading this. Good suggestions in this thread!

I recently started naming the layers with the file names, which now, thanks to a couple digi forums, I no longer break apart. I just copy the name of the designer, along with the name of the kit, or file, and paste it into that layer. Now, I can play along on these digital forums, and not feel guilty for not giving credit where credit is due.

Candee: That is a great way to have the info right at your hand within the layout itself... I am guessing that you make sure to keep your layered file and then a new flattened smaller image for uploading to the galleries so you can still go back into the layout to see that info?

When I designed I left an invisible layer on my PSD file as I designed, then added the copy and pasted text into my TOU file when I zipped it up. If it wasn't really a layered file, I kept a small spiral notebook on my desk and listed it there by hand and typed it into my TOU.

These are all some really helpful sugestions! Hopefully it won't become too overwhelming smiley

Thanks for all the information and ideas on doing this ladies! I've always kept folders of each creator/artist that I had graphics from with a copy of their TOU. That's great for regular web graphics but with the scrapbooking, I'm seriously going to re-think how I'll handle this, LOL!

Love all these ideas. I started using them, i.e. the file info after I've flattened the image and a separate layer behind all the other layers with info typed on it. I've found out the hard way that I need to have back-ups. From switching computers around in our house, I've lost some stuff. And from so many stores closing, I lost the info on the layouts I made. (You may think you're going to remember the kit you used on every layout, but wait 5 years & see). lol

It's kind of klunky but I have spreadsheets that I use for each of my layouts and kind of made a bit of a database. It helps when I want to go back and re-use an element or template as well as tracking the credits for the elements, paper, templates etc. More importantly for me is to be able to go back and find the photos and the fonts that I used in a particular layout and that is relatively simple to do with the spreadsheets. Sometimes I get lazy and then it is a bit of a chore to record everything after the fact but still worthwhile.

This was very interesting to read.. off to find out my best way to do this. thanks everyone!

There's a lot of good ideas here ...
I, myself, am rather old-fashioned : I have a paper agenda for my layouts where I write the credits ; and for my designs, I don't use CUs but I have a notebook where I keep all the informations on the elements and patterns, colors and styles I used !!

Wow that is a lot of great tips! Thanks all for sharing. I mostly scrap with the PL App and Over App and have PSE 12 but havent figured out how to work it yet. Once I do I'm going to definitely implement the layers tip many of you use. For now I keep everything in the correctly labelled folders and haven't mixed kits yet.

I use the Information section of the file.

I open up a notebook file.. and as I scrap I list the kits. So if I use an element from this kit I just list it quick in my notebook file. Than I just copy and paste the notebook file as my credits on all the forms! works wonderful for me! smiley

It got so overwhelming for me that I actually got all of the lists together (like 3d, digi-actions, templates etc) and included all of them in a credit file which I included with my TOU. When I do a layout that I actually post I only use one kit (rarely I will add an element from another kit if I absolutely feel I have to) then I don't need to remember but one designer name and one kit name. ADHD is killer, you have to work around it lol

I'm going to start putting the credits on each page. I used to only worry about giving credit when I posted to the forums. Looking back, the printed pages, or backup-ed pages need credit too.

In PSE there is a place under File>File Info>Basic>Description. This is where I list all the credits for the layout I am doing.

Oh, that's good to know! I can confirm this is an option in PS3 as well...good catch! You can also access an equivalent option in Affinity Photo by going to View > Studio > Metadata then changing the dropdown to "File"...hope that helps!

I put it in the metadata of the file as I go, that way it's always with me.

I've definitely updated this since starting to design again. As I design or create a LO I, too, open a notebook file and as I choose an item for my LO or use a PS template to create something for my kit, I just type it in the notebook file and save it to the same folder labeled the same as the kit or LO name.

I use inDesign for scrapbooking, so I can generate a list of file names for all linked files (meaning, everything in the layout) by selecting the objects and selecting "copy info for selected links" in the Links palette drop-down menu. Then I paste it into a textbox somewhere in the pasteboard.

It's usually easy enough to figure out who the designer is from the file name in that list, but if I need to, I'll search my computer for that exact file name, and the folder pops up.

I know that there are very few inDesign scrappers here but I figured I'd give my method in case any of the others need help with it.

Thank you for this! I was able to get the first one and it is perfect. The second link is the same as the first. I did go try to find it myself in the store, but couldn't. Is it still available?

Thank you for sharing that, Anita! Great info. I didn't know it was hidden in there.

For credits for designer challenges as i use a kit or product I list the name and designer in a notepad file and add the link to it on its site and then keep this notepad text file with the kits I design or the layout I do that way when I sell or upload a file or LO its easy to credit:)