How do you use sentiments?

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How do you use sentiments?

How do you use sentiments when digiscrapping, and what format(s) do you look for them to be in? Do you want just plain text with a transparent background, so you can put it on top of your own elements? Or do you want it to look like preprinted elements, like printed ribbon or journaling/title cards?

I love to use little labels. I always include a lot in my own kits because it's what I like to use. Sometimes I'll use a stamp/template word art if I need to fill a bigger space.

Even though I don't use word art often, I like the little strip labels. You can stick them anywhere and they fit nicely.

Thank you!

I love the word art that is transparent because it can go on anything.

Interesting @Rachel Ramey. For quite a while I never used much wordart because I felt the WA that I was seeing was just overpowering and I was feeling I would have had to make too many compromises just to use a piece of WA. Later when I 'gridded out' I made my own WA not just to fill a space. I was not overly attracted to any WA I was seeing at all like 'oh, what a boy' and 'boys forever', 'boys will be boys' along these lines of wisdom, I am not saying there was not anythng else out there but that was the WA I was seeing then. Everything changed when I discovered Elif's, Marisa's and Janet's snippets. All this content without any judgement. I use them and have started to make some myself.

haha I get it. I don't use word art all that much, myself. But I'm kind of a quote junkie. smiley And I have a couple I want to put in the kit I'm doing for the June blog train, but I don't want to make something no one will use. smiley

Some word art is so repetitive too, I feel what you're saying @bina!

I almost completely agree with Bina: except for one thing. I LOVE word art. There are artists out there creating beautiful quotes and lettering etc and I could only ever dream of making something so lovely.

But. I never use it in my memory keeping. For my own pages I start with photos and stories. Titles etc come last - and as such a pre-made WA will almost always be the wrong shape or style for my page. 😢

@Rachel I say, make the word art. It's your kit. And, you never know who may use it. Someone out there might like it.

I do think it makes the kits come together nicely too.

I feel the same about the "boys will be boys" cards. There are many that as Jo said are super repetitive. I find it hard to find variety that I like. I would like to make some of my own that fit more with our family farming life!

I make the word art I like to use, which is fairly repetitive and generic, but it's what I find matches my photos and pages the best. I'll rarely use anything with a specific theme, even at holidays.

How interesting that I come across this thread just as I'm sitting here making a list of some word art! smiley I have a mini book project in mind and just started brain-storming WA that would be appropriate. I actually like WA that fits the photos I'm using.

I like to find short expression that relects the feeling I have or what I think I might have in relation to any given topic or theme.