How many Christmas layouts do you make?

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How many Christmas layouts do you make?

How many Christmas layouts do you actually make in a year? I make maybe at most 6 layouts (3 double spreads), although I think that's being generous. Since I just do my weekly scrapping, I don't get a lot of mileage out of themed kits, so just wondering what's typical for other people. Every year I tell myself there's no need to do a Christmas bundle, and every year I ignore myself and make one anyway!

Second question, how often do you make layouts with a Christmas themed bundle for a non-Christmas layout? I try to make mine more generic for people who either aren't celebrating Christmas, or perhaps like me who don't really scrap a lot of Christmas. Looking at my December bundle though it's really holiday themed! Good intentions only get you so far.

But of course if you all are making lots of Christmas layouts then my own personal preferences aren't that important.

Third question, do you like having a new bundle every year? Or do you go back to old favorites? I definitely always enjoy something new!

Fourth question, do you actually scrap Christmas in December, or more likely January? Or honestly just whenever you get around to it? This year I'm actually doing a December Daily project, so it's the first year I've actually needed Christmas designs early, say in November. Do you use Christmas designs for preparing Christmas cards or other projects you need ahead of time?

Apparently I have all the questions about your scrappy Christmas life.

I don't know if I'm the best person to answer this, since I've only gotten to one Christmas in my digital scrapping life so far. smiley I still have last year's and this year's to do, so I guess my answer is whenever I get to that! My paper scrapping days were more Christmassy in color schemes than products, because I didn't want to have a bunch of stickers lying around that would only get used once a year, if that, but I did use a Christmas themed kit for the one double spread that I made on the computer. I doubt I'd use a very blatantly Christmas themed kit on non Christmas stuff, personally, but if it was more generic wintery, I'd get more mileage out of it. I hope that helps!

I actually have scrapped very little with a holiday theme to this point, but my upcoming goals are different. I plan to do more "heritage" scrapping since I have inherited a lot of family photos from the 1940s-1970s, and some of the very best pictures are at the holidays. We also have a new addition to the family, so I am sure I will doing something along the lines of "baby's first Christmas." Also, since my daughter was a figure skater, I always liked the winter crossover themes the best because I can get more mileage out of them, especially things with pine trees, pine cones, snow, skates, etc. Finally, I scrap when I have the time but I tend to go chronologically, which means I might be scrapping a Christmas theme in July!

As a designer myself, I don't have many holiday themed kits in my store. I like things to sell year round!
I've always wondered (of the CT) that designers release their Christmas kits in November and December even before the holidays and ask for themed layouts... do you use last years' Christmas pictures. And than after the holiday do you reuse that kit with your new pictures or wait till next year. I really don't to many holiday layouts even though I take over 30 ish pictures. So with all the designers making holiday kits, I really don't need many!

Well, this is the first year I have used Christmas kits for other than 1 or 2 layouts. We spent the summer camping in an RV park with a great dog park. Since we got a puppy in April we spent a lot of time among like-minded folks and ended up using our portrait photography skills on pets to build our portfolio (see So as a thank you I made individual Christmas cards for each pet--and then a group composite. So yes, this year I used the heck out of my Christmas collection.

As to how I use any of the kits, I have entirely too many resources since joining I try to keep my collection down to "only" the 2 TB Passport I use for storage. I have a bit of a complicated system though. I separate PU and CU kits. I keep my favorite designer kits intact and together. Everything else gets separated by subject. So for Christmas there are two specific folders--Christmas-PU & Christmas-CU and each is broken down by subject. For instance, in the example below I used a purchased template (CU) and then searched my subject folders for Santa, wreaths, garland, etc. That way I can scrap by kit or see most of the snow globes, or Christmas wreaths, at once. I keep Christmas and winter themed elements together in one file because I find they are very inter-related. Note that I keep PU and CU separate for creating digital art I may sell on Etsy one day.

As for timing, until this year the holiday scrapping occured in January. This year I started after Thanksgiving creating individual cards and then digital composites featuring pets, to use as gifts. These were given either by email or print..

The only non-Christmas layouts I make with Christmas elements are to utilize plain trees, lights, glows, nature items, winter layouts etc. Since I separate elements of most kits, I also find a lot of Christmas papers and elements fit in anytime of year so I keep only the Christmas-specific items in my holiday folder.

Whew. Hope that makes sense.

I make a lot of Christmas layouts since I scrap for my grandchildren mostly and that counts as 3 different families and of course one giant family. Depending on the time the kit is released I may use last years photos unless I have current so it's mix and match. I did a quick count in my gallery and I see 17 Christmas layouts scrapped this year so far smiley
I guess I rarely use Christmas bundles for non Christmas pages though I can see it could easily be done. As for the last question I always love new stuff but I do grab old favorites occasionally. Since scrapping trends change like everything else some older things can look a bit dated. But anything classic always works!

I usually have at least a dozen pages with Christmas themed items from the December time me frame. I love new kits but am fairly traditional with my colors. I don’t do a December Daily but we do a lot with concerts, parades, parties, baking, family events etc so there is a lot to scrap during December that is Christmas related. Last year I counted 32 pages that were Christmas themed. ? That was an unusually high number but we did a lot more than normal. I do scrap a lot of my Christmas pages as they happen so most will be finished by January. I just checked and I have 14 pages using Christmas kits thus far. I imagine another 4-6 before the season is finished.

Thanks for sharing all your Christmas scrapping thoughts with me!

I make 5-6 Christmas layouts each year for all the family get-togethers. I like to have a few things that are very Christmasy, and it is nice to have a few new things every year.

About 10 to 15 pages of the actual Christmas Days and then Christmas themed pages throughout December, so in total maybe 20, 30. 40 tops.

Honestly, Im usually so busy during the Christmas/new year dud to family birthdays and other special days that Im just too exhausted to scrap. Consequently, I rarely do more than 1-2 pages of christmas scrapping to completion

around 20 pages for each year.

I have enough digital kits that I probably don't need another one, but... every season I get one or two.

I have used some non-themey items for either New Years Eve or for winter pages.

Because I do about 20 pages, I was always putting them off. Then I decided to do them digitally. Now I try to do some (working on a backlog) in March and/or July.

Well, none, because I don't celebrate Christmas, but I do make a Chanukah spread or 2 (so 2-4 individual pages) every year.

That said, if I see a holiday-themed free mini kit with other elements that I like that can be combined with other kits I already have, I'll download it. I've used green backgrounds for spring pages, and ribbons, buttons, and other elements scattered throughout my yearly scrapbooking as needed.

Also I'd like to point out that there is very close to no scrapbooking kits that are Jewish-holiday themed. I don't know about other religions that are not my own, but even the ones that are around have transliteration errors or make wrong assumptions about holiday traditions. Maybe one day I'll get around to making enough elements to be a kit that would actually work for my community...

@Shaindel: I do have one small Hanukkah bundle and one Ramadan bundle I made with Elif, but it is challenging to work on something that is unfamiliar to you. It's something I'd be willing to revisit in the future with a good adviser. Personally it seems like all you need to make a bundle specific is a some good word art and maybe a couple themed elements. If you wanted to work on a list for me, maybe we could work something up. I know we've had requests in the past for Jewish holidays, so it would be great to be able to offer something.

Feel free to email me [email protected] for more discussion

That sounds like something that would be nice to team up on.

We have a holiday starting this week Friday for 9 days so I'm a bit busy now but after Pesach (Passover) I will definitely try to email you. Thanks!

I usually do a page per stop (my house, parent's house, in-law's house, and both g-ma's house)