How to change all layers to same size in PSCC?

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How to change all layers to same size in PSCC?

How to change all layers to the same size in PSCC?

Say I have 30 elements each on its own layers (different sizes) and I want them all 1 inch in height. Is there a way to do it all at once?


I don't think there's a way to do it within your document unless you mess with scripts maybe? But there is a way to save all the elements and then drag them back into your document if you'd like, and they'd all be the same size.

You can use the Export As option.

1. Select all your layers.
2. Right click Export As. A window will open up with all the options.
3. Select all the layers. (Select first layer, press shift - or mac equivalent - and and then select bottom layer)
4. Change the format to whatever you want (default is png)
5. Under Image Size, enter your desired dimensions (in pixels; I don't know if you can change that).
6. Export and save them where you want. You'll end up with a nifty folder with all your layers.

I use the export function all the time. But if you're saving as png, it only saves at 72dpi so you'll need to change that to 300dpi afterwards.

All I can think to do is the export all the layers, and then run an action to resize them.

Are the originals all the same size to start with?

I think the issue is that everything isn't the same size to start with.