How to Make This From That?

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How to Make This From That?

I'm trying to learn HOW to create my own digital elements using what's available in

I see that Janet Kemp made this Snow & Snuggles - White Snowflake

She gives three attribution links:

Layered Snowflake Template 002

Snowflake Shape Mask 008

Snowflake Doodle Template 025

I don't understand the "workflow". How do you use the three attributed products to make the single product?


It looks as though she added each graphic as a new layer and did something different to each layer. For instance, the Doodle Template 025 is the outline for which she added a gold bevel or gold style to it. Hope that helps!

They're all different versions that could be used to create the same thing. Depending on what your end goal is you can choose from the three options.

Hey Leslie,

The three attributed items that you are looking at are the actual pieces of what Janet Kemp used to make the snowflake.

The first one you noted is actually a layered template (if you download the item in psd or tiff format you will get a layered snowflake) which means that it has the wire doodle "frame" and the base included in the file. To use this one you already have the "wire" style on the template - if you want it other than silver then add a color on a layer above, clip the layer to the wire layer, then change the blend mode for what you want it to look like and finally merge the color layer to the "wire". Then you want to work with the base layer to recolor. To recolor, you can lock the transparent pixels and then just paint the color you want on the "mask." Merge the two layers together and you will have your final piece that you can save as a png.

If you do not want to use the layered file then the the second two items you selected are actually the two pieces that you would need to use to get the "same" result as the layered snowflake. So to use these you would want the Snowflake Shape Mask 008 as your base layer that you would recolor. To recolor, you can lock the transparent pixels and then just paint the color you want on the "mask." Now for the Snowflake Doodle Template 025 (the outline) you will want to recolor it or use a style. If you recolor it you can add a bevel but it won't have a metallic effect on . In order to get the metallic effect you would need to use a metal "style" which you would have to get separately.

And just as a note you mentioned that you wanted to create your own digital elements which is great. If you plan to use what you create to sell or give away (distribute) to others then please make sure you are purchasing as a Commercial License License.

Hope this helps smiley

Thank you so much everyone! I think I finally get it!