How to mix digital technique with the printed one?

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How to mix digital technique with the printed one?

Hi everyone, I like the digital scrapbook, but I would also like to print them and make them look volume. How have you managed to mix the digital technique with the printed one?

If I understand your question correctly, you can print the digital pages individually and place in page sleeves in a scrapbook binder. Or print all the pages in a bound photobook through Shutterfly or Blurb.

Or do you mean how do you add physical scrapbooking products onto digital pages? If you search for Hybrid Scrapbooking you'll get a lot of ideas.

What I meant is that the beautiful digital scrapbook when I print it looks flat and how can I add volume to fit it in the photo album. Your answer with the hybrid scrapbook that I did not know existed. thanks. (my English is not very well)

If you are printing pages that have already been embellished and decorated, background with flowers, lace, stickers etc. "glued" and arranged, then it won't look as good on paper. I suggest instead you print just backgrounds, then add decorations yourself and glue them on by hand, either stickers that you printed or you can buy embellishments in hobbyshops. There are lots of doodads in here that you can download and cut out. But a printed flower is never going to look the same as a "real" one, since it is, as you say, flat.


@Vicky Lam: smiley You are talking about more dimension? Well,yeah you do have a point... I like a flat, mag look but if you are looking for a dimensional look you might want to experiment with shadowing. It is really a bit of experimenting because what looks cool on my monitor might look a bit differently later, also depending on the printer of course... it is a matter of calibration and setting up your printer in your scrapbooking software.

Whatever that app might be, you can run into a number of options and I guess there is really no way around trial and error once you begin, ie wasting a few printing pages and some ink until you are happy with the settings. But once you are happy with the result, these are your settings and you can roll from there.