How to use embellishments

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How to use embellishments

So I have a ton of digital kits with a lot of embellishments, and I rarely use them. How do you use them? Where did you learn how? Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your time.

I don't think that it's somehing learn exactly, it's really just a matter of taste, experimenting and practice.

Many people (I am one) like to create scrapbook pages that look like a photo of a real, tradtional, paper scrapped page, so that means creating depth to you pages with the use of shadows, how that is achieved, is dependent upon what software you work with.

I suggest looking through the gallery here and t other digital scrapbook sites, to get an idea of what can be done....find ones you like and try to replicate but using your own supplies. After that, if you s something you like but cannot figure out how they did it, you could always ask about it.

Good luck, have fun and remember, you only need to satisfy yourself, what others think of your work is not important as long as you're happy.

Thank you so much. I will definitely look at the gallery. I figure I should use them see I have so many. Haha

My suggestion would mirror Rose's. Look at galleries. Find layouts you like, try to copy a few until you are comfortable and find your own style. There is no right -wrong way. Do what makes you happy.

When you are ready to start a new page think of it as an actual page in front of you that you want to make into an album page with your photos ... create a file with your photo/photos in it and go treasure hunting through your bits and pieces and think of what would look good with that photo and what would enhance it as well... i.e. ...flower and papers and copy those over to your new file. Once you have them there you are ready to work on one page or several. Keep them simple to start with. Once you have them looking like an actual page with a few shadows you can work on creating more artistic pages ... it's a learning process and fun too smiley

I'm newer at this, and coming at it from the perspective of a former paper scrapper who didn't embellish much- partially because I generally only did pages with several photos, and partially because I started while I was a broke teenager/ 20-something. smiley I think what's been most helpful for me in learning to embellish is using templates, since the pre-made ones often have suggestions on what to use (flowers, buttons, etc) and where. And then I can just drag and drop in things that fit my colors or theme. I'm still learning what looks good when I do a page more from scratch, but it's getting easier after studying those!

smiley Cannot say that I am using very many elements but I think it greatly depends on the format in terms of paper size, and on your style as mentioned by Becky to say is it more a pocket style page with many photos or more a journal style page , or a classic scrapbook page or an art journal page and so on. The style will defs determine the amount of ellies that are used, I hope this sparks discussion smiley

Then it is all of a matter what makes personal sense or expressive sense and as taste can never be a matter of discussion smiley it all depends on what you want. I personally never wanted owls on any of my school pages but I have seen many scrapbook pages using them for that purpose.

Marisa's youtube channel has brilliant 'watch me scrapbook' type content that is just great to get into elements.

Thank you so much. I am definitely a simple scrapbooker both traditionally and digitally. I do want to use all the beautiful elements.

I love elements! I use them on my digital scrap pages or to design a card or something printed.

May I ask why you have so many kits if you haven't created pages? Did you use them for something else?

Anyway to the topic.... it is a real learning curve, practice, practice practice, look at others scrap pages, learn from them. Use shadows, but please learn from others, look at how they use their shadows, to me shadows make or break a page. This is my most important tip for you.

So this post was created 2 months are you going with it?

Kaye, I read it as she uses papers and maybe journal cards from kits, but not the embellishments that come with the kits, but maybe I'm wrong?

Responding to my assumption; I have really high standards about my element usage. The hardest part for me is often finding something which 'jives' with what's going on in the pictures. I usually use it to draw out some of the colours from the pictures, or to try and enhance and frame the stuff that is important to me. Recently I have been practicing "clustering" elements, because I like how it looks, but uff it's difficult to get one that feels complete sometimes! I start small and work my way from there- buttons or brads "pinning" pictures in place, or on blank coloured tiles, and splatters and sprays are usually my starting point.