Hybrid experiment

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Hybrid experiment

I have always digital scrapped but wondered if I was missing out on the look of paper and glue. So I made a regual digital card and printed it then cut some elements and glued. They look exactly the same! No more wondering.

?! I can’t even tell the difference! I would have thought you could at least tell which one was digital because of the shadows, but I’m having trouble with that.... the one on the right is digital I think? Well, at least you’ve saved me the trouble of going hybrid, since I was wondering the same thing smiley

I was really surprised. Even holding them I had to touch to compare. smiley

Fun experiment! I I know people regularly have trouble telling if my projects are digital or hybrid, since I do both so regularly. For me it's more about the process than the end result. Basically I need some hobbies that don't entirely require me to sit at the computer smiley So because of that I probably won't create a layout to print and stick in my notebook, even though there are a lot of advantages to that. Also I'm dying to get in those Memorydex cards. But I've had to leave my cutting machine behind for the time being, so it may have to wait a few months.

Nice! I love scientific reasoning! lol

Also think it's amazing that everyone is able to find a method or multiple methods to their creative madness! I love it all as a viewer, but prefer digital for my own creative outlet!

Also, I literally couldn't tell which one was "real"! Wow! Nicely done!

Fun experiment! I really don't know which one is which...

I love a good hybrid project! I love how I can make something on my computer and then print and cut it and hold the physical item in my hand. This looks lovely!!