I love PixelScrapper

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I love PixelScrapper

I'm blown away by Marisa' foresight. This is an amazing place for scrappers. She has thought of everything.

  • Frugal costs
  • Free tutorials
  • Generous TOU
  • Group interaction (and rewards for interaction)
  • Quality products
  • Amazing search ability: by color, type, file, name, designer, popularity, etc.
  • Ability to search by designer: by their type, file, popularly, color, etc.
  • Ability to download one image and not bog up my computer with graphics I don't use
  • Ability to download full kits when I want them
  • Endless graphics (seems like it)
  • Endless templates (seems like it)
  • Something for everyone: Digital, Hybrid, Travelers Notebooks, Pocket Cards, etc
  • Gallery with linked graphics: LOVE!
  • Commons with linked graphics: LOVE!
  • Continuous new terrific content
  • Lots of sweet designers willing to help

Just saying...

I agree.

I have just only one small minor complaint

I need more layout challenges, Can we have 2 or maybe 3 challenges per week please?

You dont have to give out DC credits for a second/third one, but I need more challenges.

Thank you.

I also love this site, I suffer from a few quirks and one is collecting stuff, even if I do not use it, I collect things... its terrible really but I come here and I collect my 5 items almost everyday... I think its an incredible site with incredible people... many thanx for doing what you do and doing it from the heart.

Thanks ladies! smiley

I love it too. Totally a different format!

Amanda, I too make sure I collect my 5 kits per day every day as well. smiley You are not alone and you are not strange.

And ability to see a bunch of layouts by kit. Inspiration and ideas on demand!

I too really enjoy this site! It's a great community with many opportunities to participate. Something that I greatly appreciate since I have been out of work for years due to a disability and miss the all hubbub and camaraderie. I love to see all of the inspiration that comes from so many creative people! And its a great way to challenge myself as a designer and to continue to do something that I truly love!

Thanks so much everyone!

Agreeing with everyone who has commented!!! smiley

I'd love more challenges, also.

What about games? To get everyone involved in conversation?

I totally agree with all the positive comments.

There are so many stunning graphics and layout here I never thought of before. I try to get out of my comfort zone.
And the people here are sweet and always willing to help, this is great.

Another additional advantage for me is that I have write in english smiley. I need more practice.

But because of the time zone difference I sometimes get logged out while browsing the forums and have to come back a little bit later. But this is not really a big deal. Perhaps I should stop sitting in front of the computer in the morning smiley

So a big thank you, Marisa, Jordan and all the others, for running this site. smiley

And of course also to all the other members here too. smiley

smiley I agree with all of the of your above, Robin.

It is the most amazing place. For so many, many reasons. Big thanks to Marisa and her crew.

I have been playing here for a while now and I keep finding beauties of all sorts: graphics, layouts, tuts, you name it.

At first the attribution felt really novel and somewhat ponderous but that was because I wasn't doing it correctly. I actually did read the tut on attributing tho. Once I got the hang of the attribution genius I have been hoping that more galleries would attribute their work.

The designs are another main reason for me. Always top notch.

I like to collect stuff from this site too! I'm thinking of making my own assets from scratch though - being able to do that is awesome!