Ideas for year End News layout

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Ideas for year End News layout

Hey all!
I usually do a 1-2 page spread in my annual family album about key world news as the last 1-2 pages. But like....2020... like. I don't even know where to start! LOL. Any advice or ideas for packing a LOT of info into 2 pages?
I do like this layout that I found searching the gallery! Thanks Marisa as always for the inspiration!

But welcome the inspiration!

Hi Taren,
Could you do a project life style of layout with a picture and then journaling next to it or just journaling with a few pictures? Just a thought!

That is a cool layout, I never do much for the end of the year.

2020 was all about Covid and George Floyd. Maybe find a photo of a George Floyd mural? As for Covid, take your pick. lol Lots of people did family dinners, dates, craft projects, etc. over videochat. Perhaps something to do with that.

I would do pocket style! It's always great for getting a lot in a small space, whether it's related or not. And it always looks good when you're done.