If you have an External Hard Drive...

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If you have an External Hard Drive...

Do you work from your EHD? In other words, are all of your SB elements, assets, kits, bundles, etc. located on your EHD and you plug it in and work from it? Or is everything loaded onto your computer and your EHD is used for back-ups only, not to access files?

I read all of the pages regarding getting Organized but no one mentioned this topic.

Hi Sharin,

yes, somewhere in these discussions here I mentioned that I work with ext. LW on the PC. In 2013 I suffered a crash of this graphics-only LW. An expensive recovery did not succeed, only with insignificant file folders. Today I have 2 ext.LW connected & additionally load gr. purchased kits and own designs still on sticks. That was a very painful thing for me at that time. 7 years of graphic work lost.

I have all my scrapbooking supplies stored on an EHD, but I don't necessarily work from it. I copy the files I want to use from my EHD to my computer's hard drive and then once I finish a layout I just delete those files from my computer HD as I have a copy still on my EHD.

Excellent info ladies. Thank you. My goal in to sort and get organized before my collection gets much larger. You've given me some ideas. smiley

I've been working from an EHD for almost a decade ... several now .... working directly from an EHD can slow down your work processes because of the rate of transfer from computer to EHD and back again ... I keep everything on my EHD as well as a working folder on my desktop which I use for actual work ... I transfer everything I want to work with into the folder and then clear it out when I'm finished. I am also working on transferring my EHD to a computer hard drive with an external plug in ... it will be safer and much faster but they do cost more but I have lost my patience with the working back and forth between the EHD and computer

I also work with two external hard drives since an accident where I lost years of files.

I copy the files I use on my PC to have them directly available (I move a lot, the cable bothers me quickly). Once my creation is complete, I save it on both my EHD and delete the files from my PC so that it stays clean. Since January, Iā€™ve also been recording on Creative Cloud.

I feel like a squirrel that stores its precious hazelnuts everywhere x)!


Susan, I was thinking that the transfer time would be lengthy and a hassle. Thanks for the confirmation. And thank you Anne-Laure, for your info. I haven't made the move to CC yet. I'm not sure I want to spend the money on a hobby.
And I will never make files for sale. That sounds like too much work to me and I'm afraid the fun would go out of it if I did it for profit.

I haven't made the move to CC yet. I'm not sure I want to spend the money on a hobby.

I am pro CC to an extreme, so here comes opinionated smiley
I hear ya and I can talk since I get their student discount..... anyone that is enrolled in some class can get this discount. smiley .. plumbing, electricity, roofing, tiling ... since the tradies are so dear.
Give peace a chance, give CC a chance and just try for free. I think their fonts alone are worth the package. Adobe fonts has saved me so much time, made my flow so much easier, I simply love it. If I was offered 200 bucks a month just for not using Adobe fonts (comes with CC and is just one feature of a totally awesome package) I would have to say thanks but no thanks. smiley
There is also the photographer's package that comes with PS and LR (I think fonts is included in this package but not sure) which is plenty to start out with.

Thank you, Bina for sharing your opinion; I appreciate it. I'll check the Adobe packages again.