Image Assets in Photoshop CC

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Image Assets in Photoshop CC

The Image Assets is a neat tool in PS I recently became aware of. Go to File > Generate > Image Assets it automatically creates a folder. Name one or each of your layers with .jpg or .png and each will be added to the new folder.

See how it works at

Cool! I usually use the File->Export->Layers to Files when I want to export all my layers. May try that one out to see how it works.

Me too. I also have an action I use a lot by Boop that exports all layers 300dpi png. So I make the printable first then the pngs with their action. PS turned them into 72dpi pngs.

Yes, Photoshop exports to 72 DPI and I haven't figured how to change it in the CC version. I just run an action after to trim and switch to 300 DPI.

There's a possibility it's using the same method that Save For Web does, which is 72dpi by default since that's web resolution. If it's png, though, there shouldn't really be quality loss and you can run the action to switch to 300 just fine.

Thanks for this tip. I love finding little Photoshop tips that I didn't know!

I right clicked on a bunch of layers recently and did Quick Export as a PNG and OMG, they were saved instantly in my chosen folder. Way quicker than Layer to Files like I usually do. Totally sped up my alpha making game.

But as Marisa said, I need to run an extra action afterwards on my png files to get them to 300dpi because CC.

Ha, I use image assets all the time for my day job (I am a app & web designer), but I never once realised I could use it for scrapbooking designs too smiley
There is no way to make them 300dpi, since the function itself is meant for exporting layers for web use. You can give extra properties to your layers in order to make them export to a certain size. For example, if you name your layer “50% layername.png” it will export your layer scaled to 50% of the original size. Just add the percentage with a space in front.

Thanks for the tips, Melo.

I didn't really figure it would do anything other than web resolution, since Save For Web doesn't do anything other than web resolution either, as far as I can find. It's for the web, after all. smiley

I used to go into the code for the Layers to Files and change the code to 300 DPI, which was nice. I haven't figured out how to do that with CC. But I think I'll try out some of these other methods since the Layers to Files does take forever.