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Inked Edges

Is there a way to do "inked edges" on individual elements in Photoshop Elements?

you can do it with brushes.

Mommyish designs at The Lilypad has an inked edge action.

Thanks Rachel, I'll check that one out. I want to have inked edges on any type of shape and I only have Photoshop Elements. I'll look it up and see if that will work for me. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing that, Rachel - I just picked it up. It will be so handy for my junk journal kits. A lot easier, for sure, than doing it by brush.

I use it in PSE 2020.

@Tina Golden: Hey Tina, Melo has some here at PS. Type in edges in the search bar, then click kits and Melo Vrijhof. HTH smiley

I have some of Melo's kits (love them all) but I don't believe I've seen an action by her? The action will be great for the smaller ephemera pieces for junk journaling.

It is a nice one, Tina. smiley

Oh wow, that is very cool....

Cool! Actions are new to me, I am going to look into it too…

Carole with Creation Cassel has a script that will ink edges for you. I think she's a member here.

I have a script for that, but it is for PaintShop Pro.