iNSD? Just not the same anymore?

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iNSD? Just not the same anymore?

I remember in the past this was always a HUGE big deal in our digital online global community. Now it seems very blase'. Anyone else notice this? Or am I just traveling around to the wrong shops...?

Oscraps is great with $1, $2, $3 sales...Digitalscrapbookingstudio has flash sales the next 3 and facebook hops from at least 3 places

digitalscrapbookingstudio, thedigichick, and digiscrap parade. I know many shops are running 40%-60% off sales as well...

On Facebook there is the blowoutsale.... lots and lots for only $20, well it was 20, but now it is $25 for today and tomorrow I believe.
Look for the tab $2k for $20 on the pages of 20 designers; you only have the choose one! for example: Made by Keuntje/The Urban Fairy/BooLand/ADB/Studio4/OTFD/Manu Scraps/PattyB/Snickerdoodledesigns/ScrapsNPieces and 10 more.... (I don't know them all by heart)

I've been tempted by a few sales (but I promised myself to stop buying and start actually scrapping with what I already have) but I agree that it does seem a little lacklustre this year. Maybe venture outside your usual haunts?

It's a shame there isn't really a digiscrap hub where we can share ALL OF THE LINKS and sales outside the individual sites. And if there is, would someone be so kind as to direct me to it? smiley

Here are a couple of groups:



I agree. I whole-heartedly miss the old DST's such a shame how far down hill it's gone, and I just can NOT do FB groups, I do not find them fun in the least. They are hard to follow. I need to find a bustling forum. I like to chat, but if it's not active it's a bit hard to feel like you're part of an actual group.

I'm with you Rachel on Facebook groups. I'm not much for any facebook and groups are really not my thing. So you wont catch me on any of the groups. But I'm probably in the minority.

There were a lot of hops this year tho. I even found some new places because of it.

Just curious how to do feel it was more blase' this year? Lack of newsletters, chatter, anticipation? Sorry my analytical mind at work here. smiley

LOL I guess I'm just getting old. DST used to move so fast you'd miss an entire 3 pages if you got up from your screen to refill your coffee, now days and days go by with no replies or new posts(same here at PS), and I guess it would be hard to do a lot here at PS due to the nature of it's business model, you can't really have any mega sales per say. I am kinda joining along over at TLP, but it feels weird I don't really know anyone, I feel like a troll posting on all of their inside joke filled iNSD game threads. I guess I'm just realizing how much the scrapping world has changed and evolved and disappeared since I started in 2006. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic on this inter National Scrapbooking Day. I guess I'm just having trouble finding a place that meets my needs and feels like home. I'm lame.

I've always been at a bit of a loss myself on what to do for iNSD. As you said, we don't do much sales here because of the subscriptions, and in past years it seemed like people were busy elsewhere and I didn't want to make it seem like too much, trying to add a bunch of noise here. But if there were fun activities you wanted to try, let me know, we have a whole year to plan now! smiley

I celebrated the day myself by spending the day scrapping. Did some digi pages, then did some hybrid fun too.

Maybe a "show off your fave new kit" layout challenge on the Sunday or during the week after? (We could still do that this year, if you wanted!)
Or a designer challenge to make a mini showcasing some of your purchases?

As far as PS contributions to the fun, what about a special iNSD/DSD collab, or maybe make the CU blog train extra-big and a week or so early in the month? (We could easily do this for DSD in October this year, too.)

I have been sick it seems in the past few INSD days of the past, but I have only been in the digi world since 2016. So I spent alot of time just getting things. I didn't know anyone in the digi world when I started so I didn't know about free things out there and sites like this or special days and events, but I do totally agree with @Holly...I think it would be totally AWESOME & amazing if we did a huge INSD here in just the community. I know it's been crazy with the server issue and I'm no where any kind of computer whiz...I wouldn't know much of anything if my daughters hadn't told me at some point (lol).

But why not take a weekend to do something really special just in here. We don't even have to call it INSD. We could call it something new and make it our own. I just know how hard it was to find a place with a community like this. It took me 2 years to even find it and I'm so glad I did. I just think it's a really cool idea...

Quote from Trish:

(but I promised myself to stop buying and start actually scrapping with what I already have)

I remember reading a comment here on PS - & I wish I could remember who it was - said she wasn't downloading anyng until everything she already had was organized & I thought that was brilliant. But have I followed through? Nope.

And I keep trying to do what you are doing, Trish, but then a fabulous kit that would be just perfect for something or other shows up in my inbox. Or something I've been wanting forever goes on deep sale. I'm especially susceptible to the 10 items for $10 packages - I bought two this weekend. smiley

I'm beginning to think the only way I'll stop buying/downloading things is to never open my email or my browser. smiley

And I do think doing something for iNSD & DSD would be fun though I have no thoughts on how to celebrate at the moment!

Looking for some thoughts here about a designer extravaganza. I'm thinking to try to up the excitement of Summer Layout Madness (coming in July), maybe try some live events. What would you be interested in participating in?

As a designer myself I have seen the hoopla of iNSD decrease over the years (been designing for over 6 years). So many designers went all out and designed mega kits with sale prices and the return on their efforts were low. Maybe that's why it is decreasing in popularity from the designers. It seems everyone looks for freebies and don't like spending the money any more. The blog/FB hops for freebies are always popular. And honestly, less and less people seem to be doing blogs these days.

everyone has constant sales anyway....there is always a sale, somewhere. so a sale with iNSD is quite inconsequential in my eyes.