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Interactive Digital Layout

So, here it is... I am in a traditional paper scrap challenge where te page must contain hidden journaling. They are only accepting paper pages because there is, technically, no way to hide a digital journaling in digital.
And it got me thinking... is there such a thing as an interactive digital scrapbook page? If so, how does it work? Ifnot, how could we create something like that?

I am not exactly sure what you are hoping to have in the end, but there are ways to incorporate a QRcode on a page that will direct the viewer to another page where journaling might be hidden.

Sounds just perfect, just not sure I have evolved digitally enough to know how to incorporate QR codes... I have just recently figured out how to read them on my mobile!lol

You would just find a QRCode generator, enter the URL where the text will display and download that QRCode and put it, as an image, on your scrapbook page.

I am certainly look into that!