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ISO: In Search Of Requests...

I would like to request that when one of us is in need of specific scrap items or looking for something regarding to scrapping supplies or pages... Ie: Kits, Elements, Layout Ideas, Etc.... please start a topic here in the Digital Scrapbook Discussion forum and title it "ISO: Name of Item".

I believe this will make it easier for new users who come to the site to be able to find things without the confusion of it being in the General ChitChat boards. Their first instinct will be to look in this forum. However, if it is software specific, then please do your ISO: Item Name post within those appropriate forums.

Thanks to everyone for your help in keeping things organized and easy to use around here. smiley

Hey Shawna, stick this topic for future reference smiley

really good idea!

I agree - great suggestion! I always look for the ISO title

great idea! I have a request smiley

Shawna, I can't find your post about the brushes...I LOVE them, also! I just came across some free ones here:

How do you start a new post? I don't see a button or anything anywhere.

Anyway, I have been looking for 4" x 6" brag book templates, having a rough time finding them. Not a great fan of these, but I need them for a 50th (50 page/200 pages of slots for 4"x6" BB) Anniversary book I want to work on. Their anniversary was in 2011 and now my Mom is seriously ill, so I must finish (and start) this asap. Anyone know of any, free or reasonable? Thank you!

Cindy I went ahead and started one for you to help get replies quicker while I type up a mini tutorial of sorts for you. smiley

Here Goes:

1) Go to the exact forum you want to post in
2) At the top left corner of the page just under the forum title, you will see a button with a plus sign that says New Topic, Click on It
3)Fill In the Subject. In this case you would start with ISO: (per the rules) and then brief name of what it is you're looking for
4) In the body you can go as detailed as you want and even add an image of an example if you had one. smiley

Hope This helps!
LMK if you have problems when you get ready to try a post... Note: I started this one already for you here and copied your info so you could get responses quickly while I made sure I had these directions right for you. smiley

BTW: Thanks for the brush link the other day! I was apparently a little too late as the download links were already expired. smiley

Try this link for the brushes. I can still dl them.

Thank you for the tutorial! It's just that I don't see a button that says "New Topic". I'll try again to find it. Thanks for your help!

You might like this, too:

Thanks... the one set I had from a tutorial Marisa shared back in October I think it was... but I didn't have the paint palette... very cool. thanks! smiley

Thank you, Shawna, for the great mini-tut and starting the post for me! Really appreciate your help! smiley Which brush or set did you miss? Is there any way to contact you personally (we don't have PMs here, right)?


ahhhh LOL! glad I read this post ...every time I see ISO with the topic I was thinking about cameras haha. Because there is an ISO thingamajiggery to do with cameras. I couldn't figure out why there was no camera talk in the thread I know! giggle iggle

I remember several years back getting on the internet and having been a receptionist/assistant/business accountant... I had so make "funny" interpretations of all the acronyms that exist. Now with internet, forums, online chats, texting and email, etc. It's amazing how it's almost become second nature to use them (even if I don't know what they all mean sometimes. LoL
Any how, ISO was one I had a hard time with too due to my photography background with my grandma's shop and playing around taking a couple community courses at a local college. smiley

I learned the meaning of ISO on this forum too! I also thought it was photography-related smiley

I found this site last night and it as a lot of brushes and they're free.

Great info Cathy!!! thanks for sharing smiley -- I always love finding another good brush resource site!

Brushking is an excellent site. Thanks for sharing. I downloaded some brushes and watched some tutes.

Hello all! I am ISO a place or somewhere that teaches digital scrapbooking design? Also, are most of the designers here self- taught? Or did they learn fro, specific people?
If anyone needs to pm me at: digiscrapdiva @ email. com [remove spaces, of course]

Thanks in advance

@Paula: I'm going to start a new thread within the digiscrap forum of your request.
The exact link to the post is here. I recommend you comment in it so that you can see people's responses up at the top where you get notifications.

Also, I changed your email up a tad because for your own safety to prevent bots from getting your email address and spamming you, it's not a good idea to list it in forums. A lot of us put spaces or underscores and then say "remove the spaces" that way a real person has your address but not a bot trolling the internet. smiley

I know we've talked about this subject a few times before, classes people take to become better designers, etc; but I couldn't find the exact thread looking back about 5 pages so here's one Marissa started about Digital Scrapbooking Classes, Tutorials, etc for Recommending and another about I would like to know how to do these things that I did find in the meantime for you to peruse.

Thank you for all the info.

You are very welcome Deanna!

FYI - I just tried clicking on the brush king link and it now goes someplace very naughty! Is there a thread on how to use brushes in photoshop elements?

That's odd as the link in post #16 still takes me to brush kings website.... I just tried it before posting this.
As far as using brushes tutorial, try here about 2/3 of the way down her post. smiley Marisa has about 5 tutorials for PSCS versions but I'm sure you can modify them for PSE. smiley

FYI - I just tried clicking on the brush king link and it now goes someplace very naughty! Is there a thread on how to use brushes in photoshop elements?


Shawna - that is exactly what I need! Thank you!

@Melinda: You're very welcome. I'm glad the links were helpful. smiley

WOW! Thanks for sharing that site, it is super useful!

Hey Ladies I am ISO a tutorial on how to make sticky bellies. Any ideas?

Stephanie: I've posted a comment in your other link here hoping we can get you the info you need. Let us know if that's what you're looking to try to make. smiley

I'm ISO a kit for scrapping photos of India. Does anyone know where I should look?