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Rebekah, did you try Bedouin Nights kit by Marisa? It´s not specifically about India, but maybe helps. If you want more specific kits, open a new topic saying something like "ISO: India-themed kits" so more people will see your request...

Thank you, Lorien. I do have the Bedouin Nights kit, so it will help me some, but I have a TON of photos of India, so I'd love a couple more kits as well. I'll go open up a new thread - thanks for the information! smiley

Thanks for your help Lorien! smiley

I have a digital scrapbooking kit that a friend of mine requested for her and her sisters wedding. It's called 'Asha' which is Hindi for 'Hope'. You can find it here..


I am ISO kits that deal with little girls and ballet or dance classes. kits that showcase little artists (that contain elements such as a tube of paint, a pallet, brushes etc) guess you can't tell I need grandma kits LOL I wish there was a category for grandma kits because there are so many scrapping grannies and we all seem to need the same type of kits, Piano, violin or other recitals. Karate, soccer, little league, flag football...sports things, art, horse riding lessons. The list is endless and often hard to find kits.

hi everyone im looking for a good tut to make ur own element templates like animals,diff holiday stuff i need a guide to help get started for paint shop pro 10 pls? and thank u so much.joyce

Joyce: I recommend you start a thread in the Digital forum. Label it ISO: Element Templates and in the body portion put your question details. This post was created to tell you how to start an ISO(in search of) thread more for how-to do it than a place for people to come here and tell you your answer. You will get more help in the forum with your own post than hidden in this one. Hope That Helps smiley

hi thank u i will do that.

YW Joyce... Glad you saw this! I was worried you wouldn't get any help. smiley
Have a great Night!

ISO Layout critique least I think it was a forum, lol. I saw it the other day. It was a place where I could post a LO I need help with (because it feels so blah) and now I can't find it! TIA smiley

Great idea, I am ISO any tutorials on making my own pocket page digital scrapbooking templates, I have googled but don't seem
to come up with anything that helps...I have tried myself but cant seem to get the measurements right?

@sue: When I make my own pl-like templates I start making a layout with journal cards and then, after the layout is finished I substitute the journal cards for rectangles of the same size and delete them. The eventual elements I substitute for placeholders.

IMO these kinds of layouts/templates are waaaaay more difficult to make than traditional/freestyle ones, because everything needs to be perfectly aligned.

Thanks Lorien, that sounds like a good idea to use to make them, yes, they are more difficult as it all needs to be correctly sized, I think that's why I am having trouble, thanks for your reply and idea, I will give it a go.

I'm looking for vintage/distressed frames, similar to these. Not necessarily stacked, mainly just the creases and folded corners. Does anyone have anything similar, already made?


I have this set, although it doesn't have creases, but they are definitely vintage!

I'll check them out, thanks!!

I am looking for PNG elements of those streaks that fade similar to what designer Lea France uses as accents in her templates. A variety of lengths and widths would be nice. Is there something like this on pixelscrappers? I think I might be using the wrong search terms.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean Celestine. Is there a link you can show us?

Hi Marisa. The layout below is the one that brought it to mind (the horizontal streaks in pink). I would love to have a variety of these simple symmetrical brushes at my fingertips, already in .PNG format. Some skinny, some fat, some feathered, that fade to left or right. Perhaps they already exist, and I am having trouble locating them. I see many "doodling" type brushes, but not any with the simple, clean finish. I know they can be created in Photoshop, and these are so simple that most people probably sketch them out quickly, but I usually scrap in MyMemories unless I need something more custom. Eventually I might get to scrapping more commonly in PSE, once I know the software inside and out, but right now I find it more time-consuming.

Curious! I'll consider it Celestine.

Thanks, Marisa! Maybe it could be a "basics" kit!

Thanks Paula,
I will have a look in the digiscrap forum as I would also like some tips at getting started with digital scrapbooking!