ISO: Scouting Graphics or Kits?

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ISO: Scouting Graphics or Kits?

Hey everyone!*waves*

My nephew is in the Boy Scouts and I have been looking for kits to use for scrapping some of the photos and activities. I found an adorable camping kit (Khaki Scouts
but he doesn't do a lot of camping. I am looking for something for the things like Pinewood Derby or parades.
Any suggestions will help and are appreciated!

Hi Chris! I think in this case you'd be better off to look for individual items that fit each event, like an awards ceremony, parades, cook-outs, etc. I had to do this for my Girl Scout troop because GSUSA is so very strict about anything that even resembles an authentic Girl Scout item. It doesn't matter if it's a mock-up of a badge, sash, the trefoil, or the uniforms for the various levels, etc.

For my personal albums I used whatever I wanted, but I resorted to using generic items for things I printed and shared with other leaders and trainers. Things like a USA flag and other appropriate holiday symbols for the parades, 2 hands shaking and lit candles for the awards ceremony, etc.

Let your mind wander, brain storm with other adult leaders or other scrapbookers in the troop/den. Let them give you ideas of what items or symbols could be useful and then come back here and do a search for it. Good luck!

Like Sharin said, copyright will be an issue for really specific things, but I still like this idea. If anyone has scouting ideas for boys or girls, please leave them below.

@Chris: What exactly does parades entail? Are they carrying flags? Or something else.

Marisa, when my son was in the Cub/Boy Scouts, they marched in local parades. They usually carried their troop banner and the US flag. There are some out there that are a little more generic, try searching for scouts.

I should have thought of that, regarding the copyrights, I know that Disney is very similar.
Those other suggestions are perfect, thanks so much!

Exactly @Marisa They are usually local parades for Memorial Day or 4th of July. They usually have a few kids holding the US Flag and the Troop flag. I haven't been to a parade in a long time but my nephew has been in a few recently and looks dang cute in his uniform

Thank you Jennifer, I am off to look at those links smiley

You're welcome!