Item Sizes for a Full Size kit

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Item Sizes for a Full Size kit

Does anyone have a list of what the element sizes should be in a typical full size kit?

And, what is the average number of items to include.


I typically make my items a smidge bigger than "real life" so that they can be sized without losing quality, because it seems everyone has different ideas on what sizes they like things. A lot of elements can literally be many sizes. Buttons come in tiny to extra large, ribbons can be small and thin and dainty or large and made with a wide ribbon. So it is very individual.

As for elements in a kit, this too, is up for debate. You'll find there is not really an industry standard, and it depends on how you package your kits as well. I have started making multiple kits with each being a bit more specific. I usually have a "kit" each for elements, patterned papers, ombre/solid papers, wordart, templates, and quick pages (all coordinating and creating an entire kit after each part has been downloaded). Some designers put it all in one giant download, others make many. I've seen kits with 5-6 papers and maybe 10 elements up to a kit with 30+ papers and 90+ elements. I think it really is up to you and your design process and your reasoning for creating the kit (freebie? for profit? for fun? blog train?)

Thank you so much for your reply and comments Rachel. I often wondered how large the elements can be cause I find myself that some of the elements are too small even to add to a layout. I just wondered if there was an industry standard.


I try not to make ANY element, even brads, smaller than half an inch, and prefer to keep brads at an inch or larger.

I try to make most flowers and other elements at least 3" across (900 pixels at 300 dpi); someone can size them down without them getting blurry, but sizing up is always an issue. Some elements that are intended to be used as partial framing on a page may end up as large as 10 inches, but those aren't something I include in kits regularly.

I try to make frames at least big enough for a wallet-sized photo (2.5 x 3.5 inch opening), but tend to avoid going much larger than 4x6 in most cases because I assume that people using my creations want to have more on the page than just a giant frame and a couple of elements.

In the case of borders and full-length ribbons, I try to make them have a bit of overlap--12.25 inches in length so there's no chance of having it not quite stretch to the edge of the paper.

Word art and titles vary in size, but I try to keep them in the 4-6 inch range; word art can be sized down if needed, and a title that goes halfway across the page is plenty large enough in most cases.

As far as number of items in kits, I'm a bad one to ask, as I have a hard time stopping when I really love a theme and/or palette. (Check the December 2020 blog train for the huge yoga kit, or December 2015's giant Christmas kit.) I tend to consider a decent mini to have 5-7 papers and 15-20 elements; that's enough to make a decent-looking page. Full kits usually have 12-18 patterned papers, in my world, and 50+ elements. But, like anything else, it's a matter of opinion, and you'll find others who will say my numbers are too small or too large.

Thank you so much Holly for your response.

Your examples have been very helpful.

Holly, good point with the ribbons smiley I made all my ribbons 12 inches until now, but I will change the length to 12.25 inches.

Lois, if you are not sure, if the size of an element is accurate, place it on a 12 x 12 inches canvas such as a paper. That will give you an idea how it looks when the layout is finished.

You can also look for the dimensions of elements here in the graphics section. When searching for buttons, the size of the majority is 1 x 1 inch. So this also can give you a good idea what the size should be.

And for the number of items don't ask me. Normally I can't stop creating and end up with a large bundle instead of a kit smiley ... never tried to create a mini kit with just a few papers and elements.

Man, when I first started designing years ago there was a table of elements with rough estimates of the sizes they should be. Though that was around 8 years ago. I attempted to find it again but couldn't. If you go back in previous posts (very old ones) you may run into a link to the site or a specific list (it was helpful when starting out).

That said, in general, like Rachel, I usually size things just a bit larger than they are in real life...with the exception of most buttons/brads (mainly because I've had complaints if they're smaller than 1x1).

The list Janet references was put together by Christina Shaw. She's still around here, and on the Discord server. I'll ping her there and see if she's still got it around!

Awesome Holly! I'm glad you remembered the specifics. smiley

OK, I don't know where the original post is here on PS but it refers to the chart here on my website - hope it helps! Digital Scrapbooking Designer Size Guide

Yay...Tina to the rescue! Thanks so much for posting. I looked high and low for something but for the life of me couldn't find anything.

Oh my goodness so many replies for which I thank you.

Special thanks to Tina for the link to that list.


Thanks for the question Lois, and thank you for posting Tina. This is very helpful!

Thank you. This will come in handy down the road. Even if I'm only designing for myself.

I realise that this is an older topic, but I had the original graphic saved on my computer, so have uploaded it to Google Drive.

NOTE: Do NOT save the image directly from here; it is very low resolution.

Download from GOOGLE DRIVE

Thanks so much Robyn!

Thank you Robyn. Handy to have on hand. smiley

I'm so happy cause today I have found answers to so many of my questions.

Thank you thank you for this info about sizes!

@Robyn Denton: Awesome, thank you so much. This is great stuff!!! smiley smiley smiley

This is awesome! Thank you!

Many thanks to Tina & Robyn for their links smiley ! I too was much in need of the info! smiley

...and also to Lois for the Q which will help newbies like me! smiley

GREAT list Tina! Is there a way to save or print it?

Terry, under the list is a link to google drive, you can DL it there in a bigger size

Thanks to all. As I am very new to designing, this is great info from all.

Thank you for these links. I'm new to designing as well and this is very helpful.