Kit Preference Questions

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Kit Preference Questions

In a pack of solid papers for a bundle, do you prefer the papers to all be textured the same or differently? I have done it both ways and can't tell if there is a preference.

Recolored elements? Do you mind having a single element in all of the palette colors of the kit?

If you have any other quandaries or suggestions please feel free to openly comment. Always looking to understand needs better. Can't promise I'll be able to take on every suggestion, but they are very welcome.

Hey Rachel! I don't have a preference with regard to paper textures. I don't usually use too many solid papers on a single layout. As for the recolored elements, I definitely don't mind if there are a bunch of recolored items but I may be annoyed if that limits my selection in other if your kit has 20 elements but it's really just 4 recolored 5 ways. Does that make sense?

It depends on who uses what software. For us that have the availability to change colors, one element in every color would be too much and with textured I personally would prefer different.

Hopefully more will respond to get a good overview to your questions.

I've gone back and forth on solid papers. Trying to think now about actually using them. If I'm going to layer the papers next to them, I think I might prefer a difference among them, especially if it's a solid with a bit more texture like wrinkles or a slight pattern which is more noticeable when it repeats on different papers. If it's really just a solid cardstock, I think that bothers me less when it's layered together, if that makes sense.

For recolored items I think I prefer variety to having color options. If I get really desperate for a specific color flower I can always search for it or adjust the hue.

Oh, fun question @Rachel Martin.

My preference is different textures on solids and most defs singular variety over color choices. But I am happy gone lucky when I find cardstocks too. That said, I'd agree with @Pat Wells that it solely depends on who uses which software. There are so many types and styles of kits, the main thing for me being their workability. Are they easy to work with, yes or no? That again depends on Pat's point.

For solids, definitely different textures. I really like using solid papers and hate when I go to layer them and it looks like I just recolored the same paper. As for recolored elements, I agree kinda agree with Jen. Having the elements in multiple colors is great for those that can't recolor (and nice for me to be lazy lol). However, I still want a good choice of variety of elements too.

My take on the issue is I agree that different textures on solids is better especially if you use alot of solids. As for the elements, I always said recoloring the same element over and over is just being lazy (my thoughts). I prefer a variety of elements to a few elements recolored.

Great question! I'm with @Pat Wells on this, 100%.

Thanks for seeking out our opinion.

smiley Jackie: I guess one gal's trash is another's treasure: I always think it is a courtesy of the designer to supply recolored elements or color variations.

I like when the textures are matching but different, even if it is only by rotating the texture 90 degrees.
Elements in different colors is great, as long as it is well done. I have seen kits where EVERYTHING is recolored as ONCE, including the shadows. That, like Jackie, I find lazy. For example, if you have a brad with a silver edge, have different colors inside while keeping the silver edge shows that you have still "matching" elements, versus colorizing everything, including the silver edge that no longer looks silver.
See what I mean?