Kit vs. mini-kit: what's the difference?

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Kit vs. mini-kit: what's the difference?

Is there a typical number of pieces/types of elements that qualifies as a kit versus a mini-kit?

I think this is an age old question. I'm not aware of an exact industry standard. Hopefully someone else can weigh in.

My mini kits are usually like 5-10 papers, and maybe 8-20 elements depending...

A "regular" sized kit would be like 25-30 papers and 65-80 elements, but I've recently started breaking my kits down into different packages: patterns, elements, solids/ombre papers, templates, wordart/snippets/word bits, quick pages, and sometimes some stand alone element packs like an all washi element pack, for example.

In this case I usually have 25-30 patterns, 50-65 elements (NON-WORD elements), 10-15 ombre/solids (could be more or less depending on number of colors in the palette), 25-100+ word bits depending on theme of the kit (my upcoming wedding kit has over 200 word bits because the occasion requires it, to cover everything you'd need for an album), quick pages and templates are a standard 4 each for me, mostly for packaging reasons, and that's about it.

Not sure this is helpful, lol, but it's what I do.

Okay, that sounds like a good guide. Thanks, Rachel!