Layout help, please?

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Layout help, please?

Hope this is the right forum for this...
I created this spread for our July 2019 memories book. I really like how the right side of the page turned out (though there are a few minor tweaks I'm thinking of trying) but I'm not loving the left side as much.
Any suggestions?

on the right side you have some free spaces, so the eye can rest.
I find the lesft side too busy... maybe it would be better to have some free spaces there as well?

Patricia is correct, but even more, the left side is Pink... too much pink which is really distracting, and takes away from the details in the photos, the right side not only has some blank space, but the colors are more complimentary, and balanced for the eye

I'm very much inclined to agree with Patricia here.

I'd try removing the two with the white backgrounds, the one in the top center with the strong diagonals, and the second one in on the next-to-last row (just above the girl in the green/aqua shirt). Note that I'm suggesting opening up those positions only; I do see that it would limit the number of photos of the dark-haired girl and would possibly swap some other photos out to give her more equal coverage.

Changed it to this. Still not perfect, but I'm a lot happier with it now. I think I'm going to leave it for now, and when I go over the entire book before I order in December (or January of next year), maybe I'll tweak a little.

Need more open space- less pictures and more color blocks

Your revision balanced the two pages. I like balance.

Love it!

I would frame the pictures a little, just a thin white border on them all, it's more defining

There is a thread here, Shaindel. smiley
It is challenging to put that many photos on one spread.

Can I make a suggestion? The pocket page template 64168 works well for a page with lots of photos, I put pictures on some of the squares, and wrote anecdotes and graphics other ones, leaving a couple blank so, as Patricia said, "the eyes can rest" smiley