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Layout Printing Information

This is a topic that every digi-scrapper wants an answer or needs advice about eventually. So, I thought I would create a post to guide you in the right direction of several posts where we have discussed the various aspects of printing your layouts once you're done creating them. smiley

Please feel free to ask any questions directly within the specific topics below for more information from the participants in the thread.

Here's a discussion a lot of people have been having on companies that print your layouts/albums. It has tons of great info.

Here's one on 8.5x11 layouts, but not as much info.

Here's one on using your own printer and which types are best.

As I or other moderators, designers, etc learn of other questions that require assistance on this subject I will add a direct link to that topic in this post, too.

Hope this is useful to you! smiley

Thanks Shawna for the info! I forgot to do a forum search for the topic I started earlier. Thank you for reminding me to do forum searches before I post. I appreciate this link, I'll be bookmarking it for sure. smiley

Aja: You are MOST welcome! smiley



I use Harvey Norman to print my layouts at 12" x 12" size, and the quality is excellent.

I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for the amount of pages they like to put in a photobook and why. I have just finished my first digital album...I think. Panstoria allows up to 99 pages. Mine is 54. I wonder if I should just begin the next year's photos in this same book, in order to maximize the book and get the best deal, or begin the following year in a new book. Thanks everyone!

Just what I was looking for.. smiley

I use Panstoria to print my photobooks and I do 1 year per book - whether that would be 60 or 99 pages. It's a personal preference. I just personally like having 1 book per year...but most of my books have close to the 99 pages each year. With the Panstoria photobooks - after the base price of 21 pages, you pay per page anyway. So whether you choose to stop after one year or choose to continue up to 99 pages - either way you are paying per page over 21 pages. Hope that helps!

On a side note - I have been very happy with Panstoria's printing. Excellent quality and I love their other gifts as well...the calendars, ornaments etc.

I personally also pay the extra for the lay-flat binding. I have tried both ways and I prefer the lay-flat binding for us.


My mother and I use MyPicTales to print our 12 x 12 pages. They come well packed, and are BEAUTIFUL! We found that at 99 cents per page, we cannot print them in-house any cheaper at that quality. I checked around with the competition and found MyPicTales was the best value for the money we were willing to spend. I have to admit, though, that I had some difficulty with their upload tool as they were in the middle of upgrading it. I haven't tried it since, but their customer service crew was wonderful about letting me email in my pages. We were thrilled with the results and will continue using MyPicTales!

Thanks Robyn, I'll try Harvey Norman are the pages very expensive to print as I have a lot?

Persnickety Prints is having a sale... I haven't used them yet but they get raves from others on a digital site. 25% off and they have print credits. Sale ends on 9/29/14.

Last day of the sale at Persnickety Prints. You can purchase credits... $1.49 a print! The quality is awesome!

Hello, other norwegian scrapbookers!
You can print at You just choose a book, and use "design selv" . 28 sides are includes originally, but it´s possible to add more smiley

I use Persnickety Prints exclusively. The quality is amazing, and they trim so little I don't notice (1/16 of an inch). They are memory keepers, so they understand my kind of printing.

For the Dutch scrappers out there: I have good experiences with They offer 30x30 cm formats (12inch) with a flat bind, which makes your photobook lay completely flat. Doublepagers really benefit from that! The quality is good and they are speedy and offer good service. Subscribe to their newsletter, they have offers almost every two weeks!

Thank you for the information

Thank you for your ideas. I have six pages I need printed in the next two weeks. I live in Canada and am traveling to the US to visit family and will have the pages mailed to them. Does anyone have recommendations for fast service, i.e. within two weeks. Thanks.

Great information. Thanks everyone. I'm going to give a try. They have a great deal right now for NSD!

Thank you so much everyone! I've just started looking into printing my pages for one of my son's Christmas presents! I hadn't even heard of some of these and was looking at some much higher options!

Is there a thread discussing paper? I have been trying to figure out what paper to print my layouts on if I buy a printer. Or what to ask about if I manage to find a printing company that can print 12x12 in South Africa at a decent price

Some of that info is in the third post mentioned about printers... I personally found that the matte Epson paper I liked best, but I'm not a glossy print kind of girl. I also have an Epson printer so I went for the fact that their inks and papers together tested for lasting 200+ years to date. It really depends on what you want out of your prints though. There are so many options out there... for matte, glossy, heavy-weight, medium, light... You kind of have to have a preference if what you like first and then do research on the best to get that look. If you do have a preference and you ask the members which they prefer for that particular end product, I'm sure you will get some additional help. smiley

Thanks Shawna. I prefer a matte look if its photo paper. I also read some people print on cardstock and thought maybe I would prefer that. I've ner seen digitally printed layouts in real life before, so I have no idea what would be better. I've seen photobooks but generally didn't like the shinyness to them.

You're welcome! There is also a print on the site here about various companies that print 12x12's for you. Like persnickity... CM used to but not anymore I don't think, but I believe the post was about the quality vs price of what ladies got. I believe one of the best options most liked was only about 99 cents each. smiley If I find it, I will share it here with you. smiley

Hi, everyone!

Just wondering if anyone can recommend the filetype for uploading to a printing website? I'm planning to go with Persnickety Prints, and I noticed they support jpeg, PNG, tiff, etc. At the moment, I have all of my layouts saved in psd (photoshop files) because I wasn't sure what filetype to go with since I've never printed something this large before. Any advice would be appreciated! smiley

I think once you are ready to print... and know the layout is complete... most of us save a "copy" at the highest quality (I personally use 12) of a flattened jpg but definitely no less than a 10 at the 3600x3600 pixels if you're printing 12x12 and 2400x2400 if you're printing 8x8. of course that would be 2550x3300 if 8.5x11". I save my final layout as a layered TIFF to be able to go back later if I wanted to by chance use it again with slight modifications or change/correct journaling, etc. This is smaller than saving a psd and is as editable using the same process within PS as a psd file is. So takes up a lot less storage space if you feel you must keep a layered copy like me. smiley hope all that makes sense to you... if not lmk and I can explain better, maybe haha

Shawna, that makes PERFECT sense! Thank you so much for the explanation of the pixels and why to save a TIFF file. I didn't know this would still be editable! I will be doing that from now on. Thank you so much!

It has to be what is called a "layered" TIFF. There's typically a little box you check to retain layers. But say my psd is about 125MB or more. It usually can get it down to like 25MB or less. So it is still a pretty large file but at least 1/4 the original psd size. smiley

I have mine saved as an action so I can save a file as both at the same time, so it's been a while since I've done it manually. Because I convert my layered templates I download in this format to save space too. smiley BUT... I believe it's something like this without having to open PSCS:
Go to File> Save As> Select Format 'TIFF,' select both Image and Layer ZIP compression, and click OK.
I still use PSCS6 the last one before the web based monthly fee... because i had just purchased it a couple years back when thye made the change over. smiley
If that doesn't seem to work... lmk and I'll open up the program and find the exact wording (except it may be different in the online version) but we'll figure it out with some help from others IF the wording has changed a lot. smiley

Shawna, that is super helpful!! smiley Thank you so very much. I will give it a shot and see if I can make it work. I have so far just done the JPEG thing that you suggested so that I can upload my photos, and those instructions were invaluable. You're a gem! smiley smiley

smiley smiley

Thanks for this! I've asked many places where to print them.