Layout templates... which files to keep?

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Layout templates... which files to keep?

I have PSE18, and have downloaded layout templates from a few sites. As I open them, I find folders containing a range of files: JPEG, TIF, PSD, PNG, and PAGE. I know the JPEG is for display only, the PAGE is for a specific software, PNGs work with anything, PSD works with PS/PSE, and TIF works with a lot of programs. In other words, I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not enough to be efficient!

I know that I can delete the PAGE files since I do not have the software that uses them. I have read that TIF files use less space than PSD files on an external hard drive. I am already seeing that my EHD will fill quickly if I keep multiple file formats of the same item. Should I keep the JPEG, TIF, PNG, and PSD files or should I delete certain ones and if so, which should I keep? Somewhere I think I read (not sure where) that TIF was the only one to keep for PSE since the file was smaller, but I wanted to check with y'all first since deleting is permanent!

Along the same lines, I have a stacked paper set from a non-PS designer. I noticed she also had those same formats available for customizing the papers and wondered if keeping/deleting might apply there as well?

Any advice? I would be most appreciative!

Does PSE allow you to open the tif files correctly? If so, I´d keep just the .tif. Indeed, it´s what I do - I scrap with photoshop.

I also only keep the .tif files... I even convert .psd files into .tif.. no need to keep the .jpg because with .tif you see what you have in your folder!

jpeg images degrade each time you open them ... so you can dump those unless there is an actual reason to keep them, tif files are as the rest have said is the best way to save them if you have space issues .. tif files keep the layers intact ... I find them a bit irritating though ... don't ask me why lol ... so I save as psd and have oodles of room on my EHD since I cull and sort as I go along. I also get rid of .gif files and resave as .png ... those little gremlins drive me crazy as well.

I only ever keep/dl the TIFs, should you ever need a PSD you can save as PSD in PSE. smiley

Oooh thanks for the information! I thought PSD was supposed to be what was needed for Photoshop Elements... no wonder my files are taking up so much space! smiley Now I know I can just keep the Tiffs.

Another benefit to using TIF files is that you can them make them smaller by compressing them without any quality loss. That way you can free up more space, sometimes cutting the files size in half! If you do a "save as" with your TIF files, it will open a dialog box with the compression options. I usually use the LZW method and don't change any other option. You can always expand the files if needed without degrading the quality.


About the PSD files, a lot of times when I purchase something I find the designer will leave all the thumbnail images inside the file open.
When I do find a rather large PSD, (I like having them so I generally keep them, and use PSE6) I check it by loading it, and click off all the thumbs and then resave. This has saved me anywhere from 5 to 50 and up to 100 mg after resaving, depending on the type of images within the PSD file. Just another suggestion if you like the PSDs like I do.

I just keep the PSD files and a preview of the templates