Learning Layout Design

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Learning Layout Design

IMHO, I believe we learn layout MUCH faster when we scraplift or use templates to make pages.

In our homeschool my children copied great writers. When copywork selections are pulled from solid literature sources, students strengthen their spelling, vocabulary, and grammar mechanics. (They have practiced copywork in Europe for centuries)

In the same way when scrapbookers copy a good graphic layout that are learning graphic design principles. They might not be able to state the rules of design composition layout they are learning to recognize and create using the rules.

In fact, just browsing Pinterest finding what appeal to you is learning design principles but paying attention to what looks balanced and attractive..

I love to browse the gallery and look at all the fabulous layouts.
Often I think something like "great idea, never thought to do it that way".

I don't use templates a lot because my style is much more clean and simple (with a template a skip at least half of the elements, perhaps it's because we're not that familiar with layouts with just one photo smiley ) but I think i should use them more often.

Robin, I send you an e-mail ...

I've taken a few Applied Art and Design classes - some of which were about layout and the like.

Inspiration can come from many things- other people's scrapbook pages, a magazine ad, or artwork.