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Looking for designers to showcase

I am hosting Scrap Bootcamps, every other month.
Each Bootcamp walks participants from the very beginning (installing their PaintShop Pro) to completing 5 full scrapbook pages.

Since many are totally new to the hobby, they don't have supplies. Although I direct them to PixelScrappers, there are so many choices that they are a little lost. For that reason, I like to suggest free kits/mini-kits they can download and use for their projects.

I am always looking for mini-kits to also showcase different designers. I am often looking at blog trains, but the kits are not always available for more than a short time, so I am doing that over and over again.

So, that is why I am posting here. Each Bootcamp illustrates 5 layouts. I can use the same freebies for more than one Bootcamp but it is also nice when I can rotate since some participants will repeat the Bootcamp once or twice.

Here are some criteria I need:
Layout 1: just a couple of papers, but some scatters (beads, sequins, glitters, etc.)
Layout 2: just a few papers and a couple of elements
Layout 3: 3 or 4 papers and a few decorative elements. If it includes a glitter tile/pattern, it is great, if not, I will create some to match
Layout 4: 4-5 papers, mostly solid or patterned, and some scatters
Layout 5: 4-5 papers, and one simple rectangular/square frame

The kits should be available with a direct link without having to register (some of my newcomers get lost easily with registrations, Dropbox, etc.) Don't worry, I am sure they will browse for more stuff on your site/blog!!!

Here is a list of my layouts that I illustrate during the Bootcamp

If you want to be showcased during those Bootcamps, let me know.

I'd love to help!! Please let me know what you would need. I typically use my google drive, so it is a direct link for downloading. Do I have a kit here at PS that would work, or do you JUST want the specific items listed for each LO, and would they all need to coordinate, or are these stand alone LO's?

Hi Rachel,
- they don't all need to coordinate as each page is typically different from the others when the participants create their pages
- the kits can include whatever you want, as long as some will include the elements mentioned because I teach how to use those

I will look around in PS if there are some kits of yours that would work. I like to direct the participants either to this place, if the kit is available for free (like the older kits are not), or to one's blog (like for blog trains) if the kits are still available.


Let me know! smiley

Every one of my blog train submissions since 2015 is still available on either my current blog or my old one. Feel free to grab any of them from hollywolfscraps.com or renehollyklein.com that you think will work for your Bootcamps. I've also got template freebies on both blogs in PSD format (which I know PSP can use, though it's not the native .pspimage format); there are layout templates, journal card templates, stacker templates, and element templates available, which could give your newbies a nice boost to a large starter stash.

Thanks Holly. I'll go have a look!

Rachel and Holly, since they are sometimes hard to see, do you have kits that include "sprays"?

Is a spray like a scatter? Like beads or confetti?

Yes, like beads, confetti or other small elements randomly placed.

Kits with sprays/scatters/confetti already in them: "A Bug's World" over on renehollyklein.com, "For the Love (of Chocolate)" on hollywolfscraps.com, and the "Black, White, and Read All Over" minikit on hollywolfscraps (which coordinates with the giant "In the Pocket" blog train full of neutrals and stash builders, great for newbie scrappers).

I don't include scatters often since I generally prefer paint, but I do have several confetti templates I made for my shop, and a couple of bead ones I just scanned last week, so it's only a few minutes' work for me to clip some papers and make a matching scatter to add into any kit you want to use. And it's just about as fast to update the downloadable file; just let me know which ones you'd like to recommend to your students and I can add a couple of scatters.

Holly, I tried to reach your blog but it says the server is down.

Nevermind, it seemed to have been a glitch.

I just saw this post and I will gladly help with anything u need. Just give me a yell and I’ll fix up as much as u need.

Thanks Lisa, I'll reach out when I review my course next.

Your very welcome