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Looking for layouts

I am working on a blog post about ways to use single large letters in a scrapbook page.

I have three types of uses in mind:
- filling the letter with various photos
- filling the letter with text/journaling
- filling the letter with individual elements (flowers, buttons, stickers, etc.)

I would like to showcase some layouts already made with those uses to illustrate the idea.

Do you have one of those layouts that I can use in a blog post?
or did you see one in the gallery? If so, I can try to get in touch with the designer in question.


And this one is mine, feel free to use it:

Rachel, I had actually noticed most of those. The only one that would fit what I am looking for is the first one: an initial filled with text. The others are more than just initials, or not filled with photos/journaling/stickers in the shape of the initial.

Sometimes, it is so hard to convey what I see in my head! smiley

Thanks smiley

This one definitely isn’t new, but one that I still love.

Janet, that is a good one! Just what I was envisioning. Thanks.

Here's one I did...though you may want to stay away from anything politically-oriented...hahaha

Yeah, politics might be a slippery slope for at least have the viewers! smiley