Making my own kits

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Making my own kits

I’m here for quite a long time and would love to make beautiful kits like yours but I don’t know where to start ?
Any advices ?
What do you use ?
Thank you ❤️

Hi Laetitia! Welcome! smiley Most will be using either or both PS & PE, but there are also other software which you can do a Google search for. I use MS Power Point & PS. Hope you too will find something which suits you!

I use Photoshop and have created a lot of tutorials to help you get started!

Great thank you 😊

good luck Laetitia, it is really fun to play around with and a great creative outlet. smiley I started with photoshop elements which can be really affordable with deals and then I moved to Photoshop when I learned enough and wanted to design.