My Favourite Programs For Altering Images

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My Favourite Programs For Altering Images

I use Photoshop Elements 15 for my designing, but if I'm making photo papers, I like to alter them in some way. The basic papers are simply the image with a texture or two layered over them, but if I want to make an image more 'arty' I love using certain programs.

Some of my favourites are:

This program is absolutely free, and you can create a lot of artistic effects with it. Pencil sketches, oil paintings, watercolour paintings, vintage photos, plus others.

I also love Jixipix, and I have most of their programs!
Note that these are PAID programs.

The ones I use the most are:

Watercolor Studio Pro (love, love, love the different watercolour effects this one gives), Spektrel Art (a really unusual effect that you can make as fanciful as you like), Pastello Pro (pastel drawings), Photo Artista Oil (oil paintings), Photo Artista Sketch (your photo will look like a sketch), plus more.

Jixipix also have programs that will create different effects on your images, like: Chalkspiration (great to make Word Art look like it's been handwritten in chalk), Fold Defy (creates folds in the image), Grungetastic (gives images a grungy, vintage feel), Snow Daze (make your image into a winter wonderland), plus lots more.

Now it's over to you:

What are your favourite programs and apps for altering your images?

Thanks for sharing these Robyn!

You're welcome, Marisa! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's favourite programs.

@Robyn Denton: Thank you for sharing, Robyn. I like filterForge and photoFiltre.
@Marisa Lerin: Do you have any faves?

@Robyn Denton and @Bina Greene Thank you for sharing
I have Filter Forge but I rarely use it.
I've not heard of Jixipix or FotoSketcher I'll have to check those out.

@Deana Davis: There is a filterForge forum where they also post recipes. I just edited some shots the way they suggested and got the hang of it that way.

Thank you for the info Bina. I'll have to check that out.