Navigating The Forum + Newbie Question

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Navigating The Forum + Newbie Question

I am relatively new to the Forum and digital scrapbooking in general and have tons of questions. I am finding it difficult to find the topics that are relevant to my questions as there isn't a search option for the Forum (that I can see). How can i search keywords to find the topics/posts I need? For example, posts on recoloring the gray and white elements available on here. I can recolor well enough if it's one color or if there are actual colors on the elements but when it's two colors and its gray and white or black and white, I struggle to recolor the gray/black parts without affecting the white parts. Also, my layouts tend to look quite dark when i finish them. How can I 'brighten' the layout without losing contrast, affecting the colors or making it look washed out.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper.

smiley It took me a while to get the hang of this hang out and I had to put in some time to read all the really very helpful tuts and how to's but without having done so my time here would have been a bit frustrating I reckon.

Just enter this in your browser for forum searches : forums insert ur searchterm

So if you were looking for forum entries on recoloring you would enter this forums recoloring
into your browser search bar
and you would be getting these results


If ur hitting grays when ur looking for blacks or whites selecting try changing the tolerance

Thank you so much for your help @Bina

Hi Lily.

I have two tutorial on recoloring objects. For grayscale items here and solid colors here. You can find the complete tutorials list here.

@Marisa thank you for the links. I was looking for a way to recolor two tone/color elements when the colors are gray and white. I figured out how to do it though using a gradient map.