Need help with Overlapping Paperclip Photoshop

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Need help with Overlapping Paperclip Photoshop

Does anyone know how to create overlapping paperclips in Photoshop. Currently the whole paperclip merges together instead of having a bit of it on top and a bit underneath.

So, you can create the paperclip in two different layers. The first layer will be the top of the paperclip, and the bottom layer is the middle/back of the paperclip. Then, you put the item you want it overlayed in the middle of it. Also, what I do is just put the paperclip on the top and delete the part that is "behind" the item to make it look overlapped.

Since you're using Photoshop, you can also get that "shadow" effect on whatever you're putting the paperclip on (showing the paper distortion from having a paperclip behind it) by selecting the part "behind" the paper, hitting ctrl-shift-J to cut it to its own layer, and then reducing the fill (not opacity) to 0% and applying a layer style for shadows. The layer style will still be visible, but that portion of the clip itself will not.