Nervous About Sharing

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Nervous About Sharing

I am always so so nervous/shy about sharing what I've created. I generally think it's not good enough or something lol.

Anyone else?

Unfortunately I think this is often a hard one for people Rachel. But in reality people love to see what you're working on and will enjoy it regardless of your skill level. You are your harshest critic. smiley

I agree with Marisa...we are not in competition here, if you are satisfied with what you've created, that's all that really matters. smiley

I also agree! Better to be "less than perfect" and getting pages completed for people to enjoy than to just let your photos sit on a hard drive being forgotten.

It can be scary. But I've never seen a harsh comment here. I think we all realize it's a scary thing to put a Scrapbook page out there since it's a personal art expression.
I think of it like art - my style is not everyone's cup of tea. Just like going to an art museum- there's some art I love and some art I admire the talent that created it, but I wouldn't buy it for my walls. It doesn't change the art for anyone else, especially the creator.
Share and enjoy what you created. It's hard, but don't worry about what anyone but you think. Even my family is allowed to admire, but not critic!

Take the plunge! Taking risks is part of experiencing life.

With all the awesome talent here it's easy to feel intimidated, LOL! But I agree with everyone that we have to step into the water, else we'll never get our feet wet! (And I'm a total beginner.) If we let that fear keep us from sharing then there's so much we won't be learning too! Seems the more I share, the more I'm learning, and that's exactly what I need. smiley

Thanks everyone.
My biggest struggle is finding things that will go together. Like I will do like 30-35 elements and then I struggle for ideas on what to add and if I need to either brainstorm a little more or get more creative.

I have trouble with that too.. so I start a whole heap of kits and then when the mojo leaves for one I go to another.... hmmmmmmm its probably why it takes me an age to finish them ....................

I am my own worst critic of my work. Go for it! Everyone has their own style. This is a great place for creative freedom.

I seriously don't think anyone would openly criticize your page, however I do look at some layouts that are created sometimes and think to myself, maybe a different shadow, a few more elements, or whatever it may be could really make this LO pop.

But each of us have our own style, we learn along the way and it's all part of the process.

if you aren't happy or satisfied, or can't decide what is not quite right with the layout, maybe you could ask? I'm new to the forums and haven't looked around thoroughly yet, but maybe there is a discussion here dedicated to "help me with my layout" or if not maybe its a thread to consider....