New Trends in Scrapbooking

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New Trends in Scrapbooking

Hello all Scrappers,

i read in yesterday

Beth Bayer's Blog - New Trends in Scrapbooking

this interesting article and would love to hear more about it and discuss it from you and from you who may have used it.
I would like a way to archive my collected kits with it so I can easily find what I'm looking for. But there should also be interactive options for inserting into a digital scrap. I'm curious...

Hello everybody!

I also read that article by Beth Bayer and I am interested, too.

The AI scrapping layouts would be fascinating! I'd love to see how it works (and try it!). Would you add your own papers and elements to the program (drag and drop) or prompt it (white polka dot paper, pink rose, gold frame, etc.). There would have to be a way to add your photo(s) for the page, so I would hope there was a way to add your own papers and elements too.

Yup, I'd give that a try. I ran into this today..... a bit trashy, but ..... Fun read, too, a bit OT tho... AI is defs something that is here to stay.

It would be a time-saver as far as creating layouts is concerned. Most of the time spent would be choosing which papers and elements to use. The program would create the layout itself in a matter of a minute or less. It would be great to simply add your photos, pick elements and papers from, say, this month's blog train and add them too, then let the program make the layout. A scrapbook layout-creating AI program is probably something I'd buy/subscribe to in a heartbeat. LOL I envy others who consistently make gorgeous layouts. I feel that mine are erratic in quality; sometimes I nail it, yet others look "meh." smiley So, yeah, I'd definitely love to have this sort of program as a tool, as long as I could add my own choice of papers and elements.

I used so many of Marisa's layout templates for your Album Allies layout challenges. I'd forgotten how useful they are with placement, especially when using more than one photo. It's why I usually scrap photos 1 at a time. Take Becky, for instance... She is a pro at using several photos in one layout. Every time I've tried to scrap an event with multiple photos, I've sent it to the recycle bin. LOL

I see what you mean about that article.

Oh, I hear ya. I have been into 5 minute layouts for quite a bit. I think the grid has to do with it a lot. Using a grid (I usually do on google photos) takes less than 10 seconds on google, many layout apps plug into google photos. I then dl the grid or layout and continue in either PSE or lately more and more goodnotes. One way is to just put a grid on top of a QP and see how that looks.

Adobe Express formerly Spark is one sweet app that comes up with absolutely perfect pages in no time at all. But it is of course not what we are looking for . Canva has sweet mock up functions that I wasn't aware of at all. What takes 2 minutes in PS is done in 3 secs on canva for that matter.

Marisa made awsome multi photo templates. You can use 1 or all photo spots and the placement is always perfect, some of them featured in past template challenges but there are new ones in this bundle.

There are also layout actions that I haven't used at all but I know they exist and I think they are made by Wendyzines at Oscraps but I may be wrong.

I don't know anything about using a grid, Google photos, or Canva. I just place photos randomly on the canvas. lol I know PS has like an auto align thing. However, I usually make layouts in PSP, unless I'm using a template, as some layer characteristics of PSD files won't display in PSP. There is a "View Grid" option in PSP, which puts a grid over the canvas. I don't use that for multiple photo placement, though. Corel has template bundles for purchase, but most of them are definitely not what I'd use for scrapbooking and they are ready-made with backgrounds.

There are so many different programs and options out there, it's hard to tell which is best and fastest. I suppose it comes down to personal preference. It took me years to finally start using PS. When my son was a teenager, he'd always boast how much better PS was than PSP, yet I never could bring myself to really try it until recently. I remember opening PS on my son's laptop and just thinking, "This thing is SO user-UNfriendly." LOL Now, though, I think many things are much quicker and easier in PS. Since I still consider myself a newbie to PS, I won't give up PSP any time soon. There are way too many tricks in PSP that I'm familiar with and have troubles doing in PS.

smiley lol, Christina. Yup, more options each day, no kidding, and so much fun checking them out. Please try google photos, there is nothing to learn about it, all that is required is reading the page prompts really. If you go to the collage function to check that out, then you get a grid style layout. I have a bit about fast layouting (but these are memory pages not full blown scrapbook pages) including a number of grid style freebies on my blog. smiley You can also check out PS Express. It's pretty awsome.
PS is a bit hard to learn, I agree.
Edit: And I meant a collage grid. Sorry again for the confusion. smiley
This is a screen shot of google photos, you can ul some clicks and then just have the app do a collage.

Another thing that I love about it is their album print option. They are quite inexpensive.

Ohhh, a grid collage. Now I understand what you mean. Those are like the templates PSP offers (among others). Maybe I'll play around with Google photos today to see what it's like. It's interesting to try new things even though I have to force myself into it (I don't like change. LOL). Your fast layout post was a good read. I think it emphasizes keeping things simple and letting the photo(s) do the talking. With digital scrapbooking (as opposed to paper), your options are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Going digital has changed the scrapbooking game. Personally, I love layouts with tons of elements and papers and amazing clustering. Sometimes, however, I find minimalist layouts stunning. I have a hard time creating those; they never seem to feel right to me.

I still think that an AI program which creates layouts would be the best option ever! It's the next step in progress and evolution. I mean, when I was a kid, I never once thought someday we'd be able to create art on a computer. Back then, computers hardly did anything that was deemed a hobby. They were mostly used for computing data and keeping records, which is no longer the case. More people use computer programs to produce artwork than paint on canvas. And let's face it, digital scrapbooking is indeed artwork. Every digitally made flower (no extractions) and other elements and papers are a piece of art.

Thanks Bina that you also gave a picture example. so I learn better. I am pleased that such a lively exchange is taking place here. I think I'll message Beth if she'd like to join the discussion, since my opening of this thread came from her blog post.

@ Christina I agree exactly with you that for me photos are the main character on a scrap, not the kit, that's just to underline the topic. But I love both romantic LO's decorated with flowers, as well as minimalistic ones, similar to Emma Doan's LO's and LO's in which more male themes are presented, whether in family or hobbies. And yes, the search for suitable kits and colors is sometimes more tedious than putting together the LO, but it also encourages ideas during the search and suddenly I find an even more suitable kit than before.

Have a nice day smiley

I hope gp is somehow useful for you. Let me know when you find an ai scrapping app, I'd check it out at once. smiley

Such a great thought about art and how it is produced! Made me think of the space and resources necessary to traditionally produce, store and exhibit the amount of art that is being app generated... calculating roughly we'd need a few clones of planet earth. One limiting factor for many memory keepers could be time... I know it is for me.
The most stunning thing about my pages for me is that they are actually there, physically in a book, glued into it and after a while I have them printed. I never thought about any of my memory keeping or anyone's for that matter as art. But yeah, why not? Cooking is an art (where I think it is a craft) , why not graphic design? And yes, there are pages that are more artsy than others. Now with goodnotes and the big iPad that Santa had brought me, things have changed in my personal memory keeping. Instead of a page I just make an entre book with continuing pages that I can export or not. It is a little bit more like inDesign that also deals with multiple page documents.( I also used inDesign for memory keeping for a while, just text and photos.) My pages get even more minimal now using goodnotes instead of PSE but the ease of using the iPad cuts it.

Doro: I'm the same way; I like to find a photo that goes well with the kit I'm using. For instance, Rachel Martin's kits are super fun, playful, and modern, so they're great with photos of my grandkids. For me, Billie Irene's kits are perfect for my grandparents photo albums that I scanned which date back to the 1910s or an old photo from my childhood. There are so many types of layouts to enjoy looking at and creating. It all comes down to personal preference and style. I've been trying to experiment more with element placement not just around the photo, but by making clusters elsewhere on the page. I don't see too many male-specific theme kits. I should make one! LOL

To get back to your original post, my question to you is: Would you use an AI program that creates layouts for you? If you could add your elements and papers to the program, would AI be a useful option?

Bina: I never got around to checking out Google Photos yesterday. I got caught up and hyper-focused making papers for your G & H challenge. LOL There isn't an AI scrapbooking program/app. But, I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for one! I did a quick Google search. Creative Fabrica has a tutorial for using CF Spark with Procreate. That's the closest I could find.

While some people prefer traditional methods of creating art (paint and canvas, sculpting, etc.), digital art is here to stay, and more and more people are opting it over traditional methods. It's opened doors for people who otherwise can't even draw/paint a simple tree. While scrapbooking is considered crafting, it's still a form of artwork. You're creating something unique. Just look at the layout challenges... With some of them, people use the same exact kit, yet each layout is a different result, a different inspiration, a different interpretation. Isn't that exactly what art is? If you take an art class, the teacher might tell everyone to paint a field of flowers. None of them will look the same, because everyone has their own style and image in their head of the perfect field of flowers. Like I would put it on the edge of a lake with mountains in the background, whereas someone else might paint a never-ending flat field of purple flowers.

So you mostly use your iPad now to create layouts?

Hi Christina,

I'm happy about our similarities in terms of scrapbooking. Yes that would be nice to create a boy/man kit again with some metal embellies smiley
You know I really appreciate your kits smiley . Would I use an AI app? Not if it would take my inspiration and joy in designing, but as an aid to clearer organization without getting bogged down in the details, yes. So similar to a batch processing of photos in the graphics program.

But I'm getting older and maybe slower, so a quick help could probably be acceptable, but only if it can be operated intuitively. I only work scrapbooking on the PC because that's where everything is connected, external drives on which I collect all graphics and printers/scanners. The tablet hardly has any inputs for it.

I invited Beth Bayer to discuss with us here.

Have all a nice weekend smiley

Good day, Doro!

I'll think about doing a male kit next month. smiley I do like making metal elements. It gives me an excuse to use the Eye Candy filter. LOL Thank you for kind words about my kits. smiley

AI scrapbooking could be useful in terms of a baseline similar to layout templates. It could be a starting point, and then you could add more elements and wordart/text as you see fit. I'd like the opportunity to try it, at the least, and see the difference between AI creation and my own. Hopefully, someone someday programs an AI for scrapbooking.

Which PC program do you use to create layouts?

Enjoy your weekend, as well!