Organizing to re-start a project

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Organizing to re-start a project

So I had fallen off the scrapping bandwagon, and I've tried to get back on a time or two. But I keep getting overwhelmed but all of the great memories that were left to the wayside from the last 2 years. What are your best tips for getting those thoughts organized and get started again???

I have years of digital photos on my hard drive that I want to eventually go through and make some scrapbook pages for. I'd say start by finding some basic themes to begin with. A page (or three!) celebrating each child, pages for family trips, a page for the family pet, etc. Or maybe a collection of pages doing a "year in brief" for each year.

My view is if you get caught up.....what will you scrap next? page at a time..

@Amanda you made me giggle (unintentionally). I started to realize I only have one subject and I think that is my problem I have 900 pictures of one child to work on. I started an expectation of a "year book" and now I'm two years behind and she is mad at me smiley I've gone through my pictures and I tried to separate out the good ones and the event ones. we'll see what happens.

My mom started making a photobook for each child about two or three years ago. My second and third kids received theirs. Oldest and youngest are still waiting for theirs. I don't know how many she finished for my nieces and nephews either.

I'm currently working on the 2020 calendar for my parents and in-laws, which uses photos from the past year (so 2019 in this case) for each page and the front and back covers. I do regularly run into a dilemma where one month will be hard because there were something like two or three major events that month with lots of pictures, and then others are hard because I took maybe two photos. This year's calendar dips into last year's December photo folder for pictures of three of the kids because I just didn't really take any photos in January. February uses a photo from March for similar reasons. And my December photo is always taken in November, staged for the calendar so I have time to order a few copies when Zazzle's products go on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

I think some of the best advice I've gotten is don't go back, look forward. That's how I finally got started doing my weekly pocket keeping. I just started where I was and went from there. I'd suggest getting organized for your coming photos, so you can get them scrapped as they come in. I've been pocket scrapping for five years now, and have no intention of stopping. It works perfectly for my everyday photos, and looking back at the books at the end of the year is a huge reward. I don't worry too much about the years that are missing smiley

Check out the challenges and see if any tweak your interest - and pick photos accordingly. Not everything has to be scrapped - and they certainly don't have to be scrapped in order smiley

I have two kiddos. My youngest started full day kindergarten this fall and I was so excited to have "time" now to myself. I thought I'd get all kinds of things done. Last Christmas I really, really wanted to participate in the December Daily challenge. I got one day done. My vision was just WAY too big! Once I fell behind I just gave up. Alas! Maybe I'll try again this year!

I like the idea of just start from today, going forward. My friend does that. I, however, just started from the beginning and have been working hard since. This summer, I was 3 years behind. After a few scrapbook weekends and a bit here and there, I am now only a year behind. Just keep on going and don't worry about how much you have to do. Maybe start by doing pages with what you have in your scrap stash?

Personally I'm liking the idea of start with today and go forward. That may be the best way to get over the creative block. I'm spending so much time worrying about the past that it is holding up the present. Maybe once I get the juices going it'll go easier. Thanks for the insight!

@Kate I thought the same thing. My days off are Sunday and Monday, and my daughter started Kindergarten this year. The first day she went I was lost with excess time. Now that I've gotten into a groove with errands and such, half the time I'm rushing home to get her off the school bus.