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Page curl

Does anyone know if there are any updated versions of Avbros page curl, or another newer similar plugin?

I have been using this here one for a while. It is not a plugin tho.

I use Paintshop Pro, so I can't use that. Thank you anyway!

From what I have heard, there is no update and there won't be any either as the plugin. I am trying to convince Corel to buy it from them! smiley
Not being successful in that area so far! smiley

Are you having issues with it?

Not having issues. But I have a different computer, and, for whatever reason, it never made it onto the new one. It's kind of an expensive plug-in, but I liked it. Just wondering if they were ever going to update it, a little incentive to purchase it again. Good luck with Corel! They should buy it; it's a very useful tool. Is there anything similar out there?

I am not aware of anything else that is similar.

Alrighty then. Thank you, Carole!