Plastic Flowers for Embellishments

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Plastic Flowers for Embellishments

Do you ever just buy plastic flowers to use along with things like buttons for your kit embellishments? I've seen quite a few which look like I could find them at a craft store or Dollar Tree. And I wanna get at least one of each kind because they are so pretty - even the fall variations.

If you do use plastic flowers in your kits, where do you buy them, which brands are the best quality, and is it legal to use them for assets in your kits? If not, is there a way to make drawn flowers look like they were taken from a set of plastic flowers?

When I'm looking for things to scan I usually look for things that are flatter, because I have better luck scanning them, also then I can use them in my paper crafts. I don't like things that are too bulky. As for the legality of it, it's a bit of a gray area, so I just stick with things that are pretty generic looking.

Garage sales are great for this! You can buy an old flower arrangement that no one ones anymore for cheap and use the flowers in your kit.

Cool! I got some plastic flowers and ribbons from the Dollar Tree and I might use those, and I might make some flowers with some scraps of denim and plaid fabric.