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PNG DPI question

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure if this is where this question goes, but here it is. I uploaded a PNG file and got a QC saying that it is not 300DPI, I downloaded the image to re check on my end and I'm showing 300dpi. The file is big 4096x2731 or 13.65 inches x 9.10in and 6.35MB. I use PSP and Corel painter 2021. This is the graphic
Thank you for your help.

edit: I'm pretty sure I understand the math if not I've been doing it wrong for a long time LOL
13.65 x300 = 4096px 9.10x300=2731px smiley



I got an error when I clicked on your link. I downloaded this graphic which is the one I believe you are mentioning.

When I check it (with Photoshop), I got 72 dpi rather 300 dpi and 56.889 inches x 37.931 inches or 4096 x 2731 pixels (. It's quite a large graphic so I think it could easily be changed to 300 dpi. I haven't used either PSP or Corel Painter but could you check the default settings for saving graphics. It should be at 300 dpi.

PS I've saved my copy at 300 dpi (to do that in Photoshop, I changed the dimensions to 100%, then changed the dpi to 300 dpi.) If you like I can email a copy. If you wish this, please message me with your email address.

Thanks, so weird I don't have photo shop but when I open it in PSP and painter they both say 300dpi, I downloaded other recent PNGs just to see how they open and most but not all say 118dpi ( these are from other designers) but some say 300dpi. so now I really confused. If there are any Paint shop pro people out there that can help I'd surely appreciate it. And thank you Anne for replying.

ugh, I wish we could post screen shots. it's been so long since I've used a forum like this, I don't have a hosting site to use.

Really weird, I reached out to another commons 3 member who tests PSP software and When she opened it she said that she also see's 300dpi. So now I'm really stumped.

Melissa, I opened all of you png's (21) in photoshop.. half off them (10) were 72 dpi, but they were all large enough to convert to 300 dpi, so everyone who is working with PS or PSE can adjust it.

2 pngs were 762 dpi, 1 png was 600dpi.. but they could all be converted to 300 dpi without any problem.

All other pngs (8) were 300 dpi.

Patricia, thank you so much for taking the time to check on these. Thank you, That is so weird, I'm wondering if it is a PSP vs PS I'm not too worried about the ones higher. DPI is such an interesting thing to talk about. I've talked to people who say, printers today print at 300dpi so it's really not an issue. Oh Also yes my images are huge but that will allow people to more than just scrapbook with them, which I love. I've painted and printed my work on posters and most turn out really nice. I always take the inches that I want the graphic and multiply by 300PX to get the correct pixel size for the image, as long as people are not printing way bigger than the size in inches the graphic is 300dpi. Now I'm rambling , thank you again. Melissa

After some searching and reading and more reading I think I figured out that when I go to save I need to click Flie>save for office> optimization (choice) for printing. But before I upload the new images I'd love to email this file to someone to check. Thanks!

Melissa, I sent you a PM with my email. I can check it in PSCC

Thank you for all of your help.

If you still need some help, I am a long time PSP power user (and beta tester for Corel).

Thank you, I think I'm doing it right now, but you may be able to confirm that for me. When I save, even though my canvas is set to 300 dpi when I just save as it's not saving that way ( for PNG files) So I found info that said I need to save by going to save to office then select from there. It seems to have worked. I'm trying to understand the advanced settings where it shows a size. Is that the max it will let the file be? I am grateful for any help. Melissa

The resolution ONLY saves for jpg files. You won't be able to change that for a PNG.
Saving to office is something I have never heard of and I am not sure that it "works".
I can ask the Corel team "why it works" as there is no reason an "office" format would consider the resolution.

You have to remember that the resolution only has to do with the printing process. When you work on a file, whether it is 300 pixels or 1000 pixels, it has no importance for someone else who will be working on the file. They will still have 300 or 1000 pixels to work with. It is when the user sends the file to the printer, that it will determine how big (and how "clean") the image will be. I have an article on this HERE.

Yes I understand, which is why I kind of questioned that in on of my threads (I have two started) I don't know why saving to office for professional printing changes the DPI but others have rechecked my new files and they are now showing as 300dpi. So I'm also wondering if QC should be giving for dpi on PNG, which I know you have nothing to do with. Thank you though. I may have more questions.