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Hi Everyone,
A friend introduced me to Project Life almost 4 years after our last babies were born. I love it as I find it quick and easy to include multiple photos into one spread to record our life events. I do not do traditional PL. However we are struggling to buy pocket pages in Australia.

So I am wondering:
- What brands people prefer to use?
- Where do people buy them from in Australia? or that ship at a good price to Australia?


Hi Emily,

I have bought some in Spotlight before here, but also I haven't been able to buy many lately either. Definitely not the Project Life brand.
Hopefully you get some more answers.

If you switch to digital, you'll have no problems smiley

LOL true, I'm definitely hybrid though, a bit of both for all sorts of different things! I like to dabble in it all.

Marissa, This is so very, very true.
I do use the app at times, however it is sooo expensive to have the 12 x 12 pages printed here in Australia.

Jo, I think that I am also a bit of a dabbler! I do enjoy both physical and digital scrapbooking along with lots of craft types!! Haha!!

@Emily: I don't print individual pages, but just get a photo book printed when I'm ready. And I get it printed at 10x10, which I find much preferable for keeping on the shelf and holding in my lap.

Thanks Marisa, that is a very good idea. I have not seen the 10x10. I will have to look into this here in Australia!